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Big Strong Hands Make the Difference

Experience and Strength Makes a Difference 


Happy Hour Times  - This Week 

Monday          8am  - 10pm
Tuesday          5pm - 10pm
Wednesday    5pm - 10pm 
Thursday        5pm - 10pm
Friday             5pm - 10pm 
Saturday       8am -   6pm 
Sunday          8am -   5pm 

Relaxation Sensual Sports Rub Down Massage with Stretching Combo Starts From - $135   60 Mins /  $165  90 Mins

Relaxation Sensual Sports Rub Down Combo inc.                 Intimate Clip / Shave From - $155 60 Mins / $185 90 Mins 

For Faster Booking Please SMS 

Its time you got what you really wanted and needed 

Big Strong Australian Trainer / Coach now available to give you that massage rub down that you always wanted and needed.. 

Big and  Strong with Big Hands, that can find the just the right spots to make you feel great, that can handle all type of Blokes no matter your body type. To provide you the best experience. Service is based on a combination of sports style relaxation deep tissue (use of Big Hands /Forearms / Fingers)  with the combination of what a man needs to feel good and relaxed :) 

Service is provided on a large solid massage table for your comfort :) 

A range of combination options are offered to provide you with the right service for the serious sports person to those of you that just wish to relax and feel good with a intuitive customised experience to make you feel great   :)

Full Services and Non Promotional Pricing 

Credit Cards and Debit Cards now accepted on full service rate options 

Service Option List  

Full Services Price List (Standard Rates)
  • Relaxation Sports Rub Down Massage with Stretching                                   Starts From -  $140    60 Mins  /   $175    90 Mins 
  • Relaxation Sports Rub Down with Heat lotion and Stretching                       Strats From -  $140   60 Mins  /    175      90 Mins 
  • Sensual Sports Rub Down Massage with Stretching  Combo                         Starts From -  $150    60 Mins  /   $185    90 Mins 
  • Relaxation Sensual Sports Rub Down Combo inc. Intimate Clip / Shave  -  Starts From  -  $165    60 Mins  /   $200    90 Mins 
  • Gorillas Choice - Gorilla Decides what treatments you need.                                               -  $200    90 Mins 
  • After the game - Did you play well ?  The after game massage you always wanted          - $200    90 Mins 
  • Other options and combos  available - (Contact for your custom combo)  Starts From  -  $155  
  • Dry Clipper                                                                                                                                     -  $50     30 Mins Max
  • Dry / Wet Clipper Shave Sensual                                                                                                -  $75     30 Mins Max 

Book now to avoid disappointment  

Central location - Redfern / Surry Hills Area - Close to Public Transport and Street Parking 

Discreet Location,  straight, curious, bi, coupled, married guys, gay, first timers  and all builds are all welcome to relax and  enjoy the experience   and your privacy is always respected and honoured.  

Treat yourself. Relax and Enjoy 

Text Only preferred for faster booking responses 

See you Soon........


Weight: 137 kg
Height: 195 cm
Body Type
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  • Starting From - $ 95
Good News! Certified and Verified.
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  2. A testimonial is a positve statement about the masseur and/or his service.
  3. These are the masseurs testimonials that he has approved for publication.

9 Feb, 2019
I have used massageguys website a few times to find a masseur with mixed satisfaction

Then I booked with BigGorilla and rebooked him on repeat occasions for 60 and 90 options and its been outstanding on every occasion.

He is big, strong, real man with massive hands that just seem to know how to handle me on a table. He is also knowledgable.

He makes you feel very comfortable very fast and you feel like not being judged (like I have experienced with others) and your session is between you and him and not to be repeated outside the room. (that is important to me)

His massage style is great, I like that he combines stretching into the massage. The sessions never feel rushed or hurried and Ive never experienced a session been cut short (like I have experienced with others)

Location is easy to get to, discreet and good set up.

He also respects clients privacy. His booking process is clear and upfront

Worth getting on the table for...

29 Jan, 2019
I've been to a few MassageGuys on here and was never really happy with the way I felt after.

That was until I found BG (Ive seen him 3 times now)

He is Big, Strong and a real Aussie bloke and makes you feel super comfortable. Every session with him has been different as he has worked and targeted my new needs based on my feedback and the way my body was reacting during the session.

Im a short stocky type muscular man and I just feel like putty in his hands, and left me feeling like no other masseur has :)

He is also good value and easy to get to.

Im writing this review because he is a good bloke and I know I have wasted alot of money in trying to find someone like BG, so to help other out.

21 Dec, 2018
I promised BigGorilla a review and finally I'm doing it.

Every time I'm in sydney I book in with this man - (it actually makes travelling for work enjoyable)

He's big strong, capable and has great technique and you always get the feeling that he is focused on you.

He also has a great warm attitude that is very refreshing and make the session even more enjoyable.

Gorilla is great value and also easy on the eye.

Can't wait to get back to sydney again

13 Dec, 2018
I Booked the Gorilla when I was visiting Sydney
One of the best massage experiences I have ever had.
Now I just can't wait to get back to Sydney for work again so I can book in again .

28 Nov, 2018
His Technique, Strength and Attitude is top Notch
I've had sports stretching sessions with the Gorilla and I always come out of it like a new man
I compete in strongman and he really understands and knows how to get my body back to human again after competitions and extended training sessions. '
26 Nov, 2018
I went to see big gorilla yesterday... he's not only big but also quite a sexy and skilled masseur! He knew exactly where the pain was in my back. I really enjoyed having his big hands over me during the whole session. I'm definitely coming back to see this sexy sexy man. Thanks for the great session gori and see you soon!
22 Nov, 2018
This Man is Excellent
The Massage I received was the best Ive ever had, he really knows his way around my body and you could tell he was working with my body. By the end of the massage I was in such a relaxed and blissful state I had to pause on the table for a few minutes
Easy to book, clear communication
Great Attitude
Nice central discreet (for those that need that I guess) location
I'll be back
11 Nov, 2018
I've been seeing this big fella for awhile and all I can I say he's absolutely a 7 stars masseur! He's a big, strong and super kind. His long and wide table makes the massage more comfortable . His apartment is in Redfern and very easy to find parking as well. Thanks for your great service Gori!
5 Nov, 2018
Ive been promising to write a review for BigGirollia for a while now...

When I found BigGorilla profile on massageguys, what caught my attention was the Testimonials and they made me very curious his servies..

I've had many average massages before but this bloke is worth every $$$ and just seems to know what I need and making me feel great everytime I've seem him.

I've now seem him multiple times and he has been able to handle and work through time that I'm all messed up things Ive done to my body while training and working. But other times he's also been able to handle when I just needed to relax and melt away on a blissfull journy all under the control of his hands. He really understand a mans body and he always manges to give me what I need and more in the session. Ive noticed that he really enjoys what he does and seeing you in a total state of bliss at the end of the session.

I really like his attitude, he makes you feel comfotable very quickly and your in a very safe space.

From the first time meeting him, from when he opend the door I just knew he was a unique powerful unit and it just got better from there.

I guess I should just give the run down on location. Very close to bus and train and easy parking with discreet entereance.

I'm now a BigGorilla Convert.
17 Oct, 2018
He Gets 6 Stars - BigGorilla knows his way around a mans body, great attitude, strong and I felt like a new man after he had finished with me.
8 Oct, 2018
BigGorilla is one of the best massage experiences I have ever had. Not Just once but on multiple occasions Ive booked him. He is a real big strong man that knows his way around a mans body that I have never experienced before, that has left me on a blissful high every time and great for days after. Ive also used his clipping and shaving options and the results were great. I've already booked in again.
11 Aug, 2018
Had to write a review for this man as the service is quality. I arrived a stressed muscle throbbing mess and after 90 mins on table with him, I ended in a blissful state that I can't put words too. Quality Service, Quality Man, Quality Experience. 10 Stars
7 Aug, 2018
This was an impressive experience. He seemed to know what I needed within a few minutes of being on the table. He worked over my whole body but I really liked that he spent alot of time loosening up my Glutes, Calfs, Quads and adjusted to my body needs as he went along. Enjoyed the style of massage and he even got me stretched further then I ever have with little effort as he had me so under his hands. Best experience Ive had in a long time. Just got to ad he is a great bloke, very strong but measured and location is easy to get to and very close to the CBD for those travelling like me. Can't wait till Im back in town to have another session.
6 Aug, 2018
Lovely guy with big strong warm hands. Works with several different techniques with is great. Nice set up and good table. Shower facilities available and good choice of music. Enjoyed the stretching and foot massage too. Well worth a visit.
2 Aug, 2018
Hell Yeah.. After a big week of working some hard labour on the tools and really in need of some massage and some relaxation I found BigGorilla on here and thought I would give hime ago. That was the best decision I made all week. First off with some important stuff that are simple but set me up for a great experience. he was prompt and clear with communication, the location is easy to get to with lots of parking options, the Table he puts you on is big and sturdy, the enviroment is relaxed and simple. He is a hansome big unit of a bloke and yeah his arms and hands are massive. Once on the table he slowly broke me into the massage and warmed me up and his technique and the way he worked me over really got me loosened up and moaning. It was 60 mins of bliss and Im super keen to do it again. Highly recommend.
2 Aug, 2018
I went to see Big Gorilla last week. He is a big guy with big strong hands...just what my back really needed. His apartment is only a few steps away from Redfern station which made it was very handy for me. I recommend this masseur and will be back soon.
24 Jul, 2018
I'm still Buzzing and Feeling outstanding. Yes, Just like the profiles says but even better that I can put words too. Big Hands, Massive Arms (his legs are massive too) that worked me over I’ve never experienced before as he worked me over on the table. (Big Table Too) BigGorilla really seems to understand what a man needed to be worked over and knew how to deliver on it. His attitude was great and got me into into the mind I needed to get into. I enjoyed the stretching elements of the session and was amazed how after such a short time how much more flexible he got me to be. I have to give top marks to the flow of the massage and service it felt natural that he was feeding off my needs and he always had a presence, I never felt alone. Lastly he is rather handsome. I need to save some cash to book again
17 Jul, 2018
Was very curious to see what his services would be like. It was very much worth every dollar. The combination of being massaged and being stretched was great, never felt so much multi sensations at the same time on a massage table. Yes the infomaiton on the profile is correct he does have massive strong hands and arms that just know what to work next and vary the pressure to get the right outcome. You could tell he was working off the feedback from my body rather then a rehursed set of moves. Great Easy Location to get to. Welcoming attitude and felt very comfortable.
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