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Bigger and Stronger to Make it Feel Better


Experience and Strength Makes a Difference  
Hi, I'm Big and Strong with Big Hands, that can find just the right spots to make you feel great, that can handle all types of men no matter your body type, with professionalism and confidentiality To provide you the best experience possible. (Check out the reviews) 

It's time you got what you really wanted and needed 
Big Strong Australian Trainer / Coach now available to give you that massage rub down that you always wanted and needed... 

A range of combination options are offered to provide you with the right service for the serious sports person to those of you that just wish to relax and feel good with an intuitive customised experience to make you feel great :)

Service is based on a combination of sports style relaxation deep tissue (use of Big Hands /Forearms / Fingers)  with the combination of what a man needs to feel good and relaxed :) 

Service is provided on a large solid massage table with heating and cooling for your comfort :) 

Cash and Card Payments Accepted - Available Everyday till Late 

For Faster Booking Please SMS 

 Full Services and Non-Promotional Pricing (Available Every Day till Late) 

Credit Cards and Debit Cards now accepted on full-service rate options 

Service Option List  

Note Some Service Types not always available 

Full Services Price List (Standard Rates) (Sydney) (Available Every Day till Late) 
  • Relaxation Sports Rub Down Massage with Stretching                                   Starts From -  $140    60 Mins  /   $175    90 Mins 
  • Relaxation Sports Rub Down with Heat lotion and Stretching                       Strats From -  $140   60 Mins  /    $175     90 Mins 
  • Sensual Sports Rub Down Massage with Stretching  Combo                         Starts From -  $150    60 Mins  /   $180    90 Mins  
  • Gorillas Choice - Gorilla Decides what treatments you need.                                                                                    $200    90 Mins 
  • Other options and combos  available - (Contact for your custom combo)  Starts From  -  $155  

Book now to avoid disappointment  

Central location - Redfern / Surry Hills Area - Close to Public Transport and Street Parking 

Discreet Location, all types of orientation, and all builds are all welcome to relax and enjoy the experience and your privacy is always respected and honoured.  

Treat yourself. Relax and Enjoy 

Text Only preferred for faster booking responses 

See you Soon........


Weight: 137 kg
Height: 195 cm
Body Type
Eye Color
Hair Color
Body Hair
Good News! Certified and Verified.

- Certificate in Whole Body Massage

  • Starting From - $ 95
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  2. A testimonial is a positve statement about the masseur and/or his service.
  3. These are the masseurs testimonials that he has approved for publication.

3 Apr, 2021
He knows his way around a mans body and really knows how to work you over both physically and mentally. I arrived stressed and tight and left floating feeling like a new man. The session was not rushed and I felt comfortable with him very quickly. His hands are very skilled. I found the stretching to be pure bliss.
Top Recommendation to Try
14 Mar, 2021
I booked with him last wednesday night looking for a strong massage and some me time from a crazy work week.
Within 5 mins of being on the table I knew I had made a good choice. He was amazing really knowing of how to approach you and your body to get you to drift into a space where the world focus is you. He shows strength, control and just seems to know how to get you on this amazing ride - where at the end I was feeling like a brand new person
Highly recommend - I chose the Gorillas Choice.
11 Mar, 2021
Seen the Gorilla three times now and every-time I have felt better with my stress and my body stiffness gone.
The session never seems rushed and always has managed to intuitively known how to adjust the session and techniques based on how I felt on the day
I really enjoy the assisted stretching that is part of the session always feels a great release.
Available later then most other masseurs I have booked before. Also nice central location with close access to trains and street parking (makes it easy for after work) Nice and strong just the way I like it.
Hope him all the best . I Give him 11 out of 10 STARS!
16 Jan, 2021
I thought its time to actually start writing reviews of my experiences with the various masseurs I have seen on this website.

BigGorilla is the real deal when you want to be worked over by a big strong brute of a man. His style worked great for my body and was very intuitive. He is a lot stronger than most men so you feel in safe big hands. Good Set Up, Easy to Find. Booked a few times. Good Value
27 Dec, 2020
The reviews are correct, big strong and great value
12 Nov, 2020
Writing a review mainly because the reviews encouraged me to book.

100% lived up to reviews.

Great attitude, Great Ability, Excellent Value

Would book again

13 Sep, 2020
I felt so good I thought I would go to the effort of writing a review.

After a few stressed weeks of work and just started back at gym I was really wanting to treat myself as it was getting all to much - So I booked in good thing I was able to book in the evening midweek.

Location was easy to find and on arrival I was welcomed by a big strong looking man but also gave you the vibe I was in safe hands.

Not long into the massage I was forgetting about the stress of the world and my body was starting to feel like putty in his hands, I could feel my body letting go in his hands. It was great and really what I needed. It was strong but he knows how to balance his strength, skill and abilities

I also really like that he took the time to gradually bring me back from massage bliss, so I had time to get myself back ready to get off the table.

Top Value, Great Service. - already booked in again.

9 Jul, 2020
A Real Bloke with Big Strong hands and technique that made me melt - just what I needed.
At this time it was good to see he had good procedures in place for sterilisation.
Would book again.
This is my second time booking from massage guys
24 Feb, 2020
BigGorilla gave an outstanding massage, just what I needed after a long flight to sydney.
For those on holiday like myself he was able to respond to my UK number which made the booking process super easy. I can confirm he is big and strong, just what I wanted.
3 Jan, 2020

I was visiting from overseas during Christmas and my planned travel sight seeing activities in the mountians were disrupted by the bushfires. So I had the opportunity to treat myself to a massage.

I was looking for a massage by a strong australian man and he delivered and made the experience a highlight of my trip to Australia. If I have had a few more days in Sydney I would have booked in again.

20 Dec, 2019
I tried the Gorilla for a pre-christmas gift to myself after a long week of work and gym.
Best gift to myself I have had in a long long time. I rate him highly. (I booked Gorillas Choice)
14 Dec, 2019
I was in sydney for work from the US and I was in desperate need to treat myself. First thing to say is that getting the apointment was simple and he was able to respond to my international number promptly. (that also may explain why so many international vistor reviews) I can confirm he is big, very strong and australian. The massage service and experience was 13 out of 10 stars. I got back to my hotel after and was sleeping life I haven't before. This was one of the best things I did while I was in sydney.

1 Dec, 2019
I have finally got around to providing the Gorilla a review after haing multiple apointments with him.

As others have commented he is very skillful and always seems to get the balance right where you need it, depending on how i was feeling at the time.

He is also handsome, very strong, makes you feel like your in a safe space that you can let yourself go and enjoy relax and forget about the outside world.

The location is easy to get to, its great he accepts card and cash.

16 Nov, 2019
I found Big gorilla on here, he was easy to contact and book with the bonus that he does take evening bookings, that fitted my schedule really well. He put me at ease as soon as I arrived and by the end of the massage I was floating. Yes he is strong, Yes he has massive hands. But he knows how to these abilities with skill and changes in pressure and technique throughout the massage really made it both enjoyable but also felt like I had a good working over. The next day in the gym I felt like I had a different body - Recommended
11 Nov, 2019
Was in Sydney for a conference and had a spare day before heading back to the US.
Booked him based on the reviews. Communication was clear and concise. On meeting he gave you the vibe of confidence and confidentiality. (something I really wanted)
Booked Gorillas Choice and was really curious. It was a great experience.
He knows what he is doing, he knew how to work me over for an outstanding session.
My only regret is that I I should have booked in when I arrived so I would have had a change to make a second booking.
26 Oct, 2019

Seen him twice now while in sydney for work.
Each time it was great
Big and Strong as promised and delivered to get me worked over everywhere.
Big Table, Just the right about of oil used.
Got me in the right state of mind for my session in minutes.
Very Close to the CBD
Great Value -
He is a Man that delivers a Job of a man

25 Sep, 2019
One the best massages I have ever had.

I wanted to leave a review as reading the reviews on here was one of the main reasons I booked BigGorilla when I was looking for a masseur when I was visiting Sydney.

He is big and strong and just seemed to know exactly what i needed.

Almost tempted just to head back to Sydney so I can get a massage again..
9 Sep, 2019

Massive Hands, Great Attitude,
Really good massage, experience and skills
Looking forward to my next time already.
3 Aug, 2019
This man is fantastic.
Found him via MassageGuys and booked a sports massage as my previous regular masseur had moved interstate.
He is strong and good technique that really made me feel great. I appreciated the approach he has that he works with how your body is feeling to him and whats needed.
Highly recommended.
16 Jul, 2019
Booked a Sport Massage with BigGorilla recently as I was sore after a few big weeks of training. Provided a great sports massage that left me feeling really good for a few days after the massage.

Keen to get another one again soon
4 Jul, 2019
I Booked with BG when I was in Sydney for business.
I booked a few days in advance and it was easy to confirm to book the night I was arriving into Sydney.

On meeting him I knew I was in for an experience, he reminds you of that big strong coach that you may have thought about and wished you had at some point in your life.

Two things I noticed within 15 mins of th massage, he has massive hands and he has amazing touch and use of various strength and pressure to really get you loose and limber. Really enjoyed the stretching.

By the end of the 90min session I felt like a new man. (Was still feeling like that a few days after)

Location is easy to get to by cab or train. Space was very well heated (it was a very cold night). The apointment never felt rushed and is very good value.

16 Jun, 2019
Finally got around to giving Gorilla a review
Seen him multiple times.
Really adjusts to how Im feeling on the day some visits I book a more traditional style and other days more relaxing

I like that he accepts evening appointments - great when you have a busy work day

Always provide a great service that leaves me in total relaxation and looseness

I give him top marks
10 Jun, 2019
I had a 90min massage with BigGorilla recently. He was quick to respond, and booked me in quickly. He was very warm, friendly and communicative, and as the name suggests, quite strong so applied great pressure with variations in technique. Plus he's very good looking.

I'd definitely recommend him and will certainly be back.
8 Jun, 2019
As I not long ago moved to Sydney been trying out a few guys from this website with mixed results.

BigGorilla is top notch

1. Easy to book and responsive.
2. Easy location, discreet and good environment.
3. Big Table
4. Welcoming and personable you could tell he was working at the level I feeling
5. Strong, but with measure on who and when and where to use his natural abilities
6. Skilled - My Body ain't easy to get loose and relaxed and he made it seem easy I felt like I was floating out of my body by the end of it.
7. Never Felt rushed - If anything time seemed to just go so fast because it was so good

I booked the Gorillas Choice option.

21 May, 2019
BigGorilla is worth every cent.

If your seeing a great massage from a great big strong bloke BigGorilla is a great choice.

14 out 10 Stars ...

19 Apr, 2019
This review is a little delayed - but well deserved.

I made an appointment with BigGorilla when I was in Sydney for the Fitness Expo. It was every I needed and then some more. He really understood how to work and release my body. With a smile and a few corny saying along the way that really made me feel that our time together was well connected and you could tell he was being intuitive based on what he was feeling and seeing with my body. I really loved the stretching that he incorporates into the massage. One thing I also noticed he took the time to work into the muscles and used the appropriate pressure at the right times (and yes he can generate some pressure when he needs too)

One of the best massages I have ever had on my travels.

Im a thickly built amateur strong man competitor and normally struggle with anyone to work my body. But not this guy he made it look and feel easy and effortless

Sydney your lucky to have him


17 Apr, 2019
Big Gorilla is everything he says on his profile and as per the reviews.

I booked my initial appointment with wth the Gorilla based on his reviews and the hope I would be massaged by a big strong man that had skill. By the end of the appointment there was no doubt how great and skilful he is.

But in summary

He was easy to book into responses and information was clear
Location is easy to get to
I was very much at ease and knew he was a great man on meeting him in the first
Yep he is very handsome on the eye, and has that look of he could handle anything
He is strong but knows how to use his natural advantages to deliver a great session
I left like I felt like a new man at the end.

When in Sydney would highly recommend

31 Mar, 2019
Loved how professional and strong Biggorilla is. He knew exactly how to soothe soreness and tension. Would definitely come back!
4 Mar, 2019
Highly Recommended

His hands and technique are simply magic.

I'm a thickly built stocky build man that works and trains hard.

Highly recommended and my go to man when Im in need.
26 Feb, 2019
Booked BigGorilla when I was in Sydney for a trades show that I was working at.
Best decision I made in a long time - After the Massage I was in total bliss and it was just want I need and more after a long day.
He is strong, really knows how a mans body works.
I should also add location is easy to get to and the set up is solid with a big table.

Do yourself a favour
18 Feb, 2019
BigGorilla delivers one of the best experiences from any masseur I have ever had.

He is a big strong aussie man, good on the eyes too.

would highly recommend

9 Feb, 2019
I have used massageguys website a few times to find a masseur with mixed satisfaction

Then I booked with BigGorilla and rebooked him on repeat occasions for 60 and 90 options and its been outstanding on every occasion.

He is big, strong, real man with massive hands that just seem to know how to handle me on a table. He is also knowledgable.

He makes you feel very comfortable very fast and you feel like not being judged (like I have experienced with others) and your session is between you and him and not to be repeated outside the room. (that is important to me)

His massage style is great, I like that he combines stretching into the massage. The sessions never feel rushed or hurried and Ive never experienced a session been cut short (like I have experienced with others)

Location is easy to get to, discreet and good set up.

He also respects clients privacy. His booking process is clear and upfront

Worth getting on the table for...

29 Jan, 2019
I've been to a few MassageGuys on here and was never really happy with the way I felt after.

That was until I found BG (Ive seen him 3 times now)

He is Big, Strong and a real Aussie bloke and makes you feel super comfortable. Every session with him has been different as he has worked and targeted my new needs based on my feedback and the way my body was reacting during the session.

Im a short stocky type muscular man and I just feel like putty in his hands, and left me feeling like no other masseur has :)

He is also good value and easy to get to.

Im writing this review because he is a good bloke and I know I have wasted alot of money in trying to find someone like BG, so to help other out.

21 Dec, 2018
I promised BigGorilla a review and finally I'm doing it.

Every time I'm in sydney I book in with this man - (it actually makes travelling for work enjoyable)

He's big strong, capable and has great technique and you always get the feeling that he is focused on you.

He also has a great warm attitude that is very refreshing and make the session even more enjoyable.

Gorilla is great value and also easy on the eye.

Can't wait to get back to sydney again

13 Dec, 2018
I Booked the Gorilla when I was visiting Sydney
One of the best massage experiences I have ever had.
Now I just can't wait to get back to Sydney for work again so I can book in again .

28 Nov, 2018
His Technique, Strength and Attitude is top Notch
I've had sports stretching sessions with the Gorilla and I always come out of it like a new man
I compete in strongman and he really understands and knows how to get my body back to human again after competitions and extended training sessions. '
26 Nov, 2018
I went to see big gorilla yesterday... he's not only big but also quite a sexy and skilled masseur! He knew exactly where the pain was in my back. I really enjoyed having his big hands over me during the whole session. I'm definitely coming back to see this sexy sexy man. Thanks for the great session gori and see you soon!
22 Nov, 2018
This Man is Excellent
The Massage I received was the best Ive ever had, he really knows his way around my body and you could tell he was working with my body. By the end of the massage I was in such a relaxed and blissful state I had to pause on the table for a few minutes
Easy to book, clear communication
Great Attitude
Nice central discreet (for those that need that I guess) location
I'll be back
11 Nov, 2018
I've been seeing this big fella for awhile and all I can I say he's absolutely a 7 stars masseur! He's a big, strong and super kind. His long and wide table makes the massage more comfortable . His apartment is in Redfern and very easy to find parking as well. Thanks for your great service Gori!
5 Nov, 2018
Ive been promising to write a review for BigGirollia for a while now...

When I found BigGorilla profile on massageguys, what caught my attention was the Testimonials and they made me very curious his servies..

I've had many average massages before but this bloke is worth every $$$ and just seems to know what I need and making me feel great everytime I've seem him.

I've now seem him multiple times and he has been able to handle and work through time that I'm all messed up things Ive done to my body while training and working. But other times he's also been able to handle when I just needed to relax and melt away on a blissfull journy all under the control of his hands. He really understand a mans body and he always manges to give me what I need and more in the session. Ive noticed that he really enjoys what he does and seeing you in a total state of bliss at the end of the session.

I really like his attitude, he makes you feel comfotable very quickly and your in a very safe space.

From the first time meeting him, from when he opend the door I just knew he was a unique powerful unit and it just got better from there.

I guess I should just give the run down on location. Very close to bus and train and easy parking with discreet entereance.

I'm now a BigGorilla Convert.
17 Oct, 2018
He Gets 6 Stars - BigGorilla knows his way around a mans body, great attitude, strong and I felt like a new man after he had finished with me.
8 Oct, 2018
BigGorilla is one of the best massage experiences I have ever had. Not Just once but on multiple occasions Ive booked him. He is a real big strong man that knows his way around a mans body that I have never experienced before, that has left me on a blissful high every time and great for days after. Ive also used his clipping and shaving options and the results were great. I've already booked in again.
11 Aug, 2018
Had to write a review for this man as the service is quality. I arrived a stressed muscle throbbing mess and after 90 mins on table with him, I ended in a blissful state that I can't put words too. Quality Service, Quality Man, Quality Experience. 10 Stars
7 Aug, 2018
This was an impressive experience. He seemed to know what I needed within a few minutes of being on the table. He worked over my whole body but I really liked that he spent alot of time loosening up my Glutes, Calfs, Quads and adjusted to my body needs as he went along. Enjoyed the style of massage and he even got me stretched further then I ever have with little effort as he had me so under his hands. Best experience Ive had in a long time. Just got to ad he is a great bloke, very strong but measured and location is easy to get to and very close to the CBD for those travelling like me. Can't wait till Im back in town to have another session.
6 Aug, 2018
Lovely guy with big strong warm hands. Works with several different techniques with is great. Nice set up and good table. Shower facilities available and good choice of music. Enjoyed the stretching and foot massage too. Well worth a visit.
2 Aug, 2018
Hell Yeah.. After a big week of working some hard labour on the tools and really in need of some massage and some relaxation I found BigGorilla on here and thought I would give hime ago. That was the best decision I made all week. First off with some important stuff that are simple but set me up for a great experience. he was prompt and clear with communication, the location is easy to get to with lots of parking options, the Table he puts you on is big and sturdy, the enviroment is relaxed and simple. He is a hansome big unit of a bloke and yeah his arms and hands are massive. Once on the table he slowly broke me into the massage and warmed me up and his technique and the way he worked me over really got me loosened up and moaning. It was 60 mins of bliss and Im super keen to do it again. Highly recommend.
2 Aug, 2018
I went to see Big Gorilla last week. He is a big guy with big strong hands...just what my back really needed. His apartment is only a few steps away from Redfern station which made it was very handy for me. I recommend this masseur and will be back soon.
24 Jul, 2018
I'm still Buzzing and Feeling outstanding. Yes, Just like the profiles says but even better that I can put words too. Big Hands, Massive Arms (his legs are massive too) that worked me over I’ve never experienced before as he worked me over on the table. (Big Table Too) BigGorilla really seems to understand what a man needed to be worked over and knew how to deliver on it. His attitude was great and got me into into the mind I needed to get into. I enjoyed the stretching elements of the session and was amazed how after such a short time how much more flexible he got me to be. I have to give top marks to the flow of the massage and service it felt natural that he was feeding off my needs and he always had a presence, I never felt alone. Lastly he is rather handsome. I need to save some cash to book again
17 Jul, 2018
Was very curious to see what his services would be like. It was very much worth every dollar. The combination of being massaged and being stretched was great, never felt so much multi sensations at the same time on a massage table. Yes the infomaiton on the profile is correct he does have massive strong hands and arms that just know what to work next and vary the pressure to get the right outcome. You could tell he was working off the feedback from my body rather then a rehursed set of moves. Great Easy Location to get to. Welcoming attitude and felt very comfortable.
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