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20+ years professional experience

Fit, strong, masculine, Kiwi guy. I’m direct, so please communicate clearly about what you are looking for, it will save time and money.

I also offer ‘learn to massage’ courses to partners or individuals.

I am very busy, I may not be able to see you same day. Quality is worth planning/ waiting for!

SMS will get to me way quicker than email:  0415205866

Regarding style: I would reason that a good therapist isn't locked into one style or limited by such a narrow definition. One should be able to read the body and deliver the appropriate treatment. That is what I do.

Using a fusion of therapeutic, remedial, deep tissue, fascia release and sports massage, I will flush away your tension and alleviate your stresses, leaving you feeling whole - integrated, centred and recharged.

Then, there is my sensual massage, for something entirely indulgent which will take you on a journey of  blissful contentment. You’ll be back!

Additionally, I am a qualified Pilates Instructor, so I can offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs, posture correction, pre-and post operative conditioning, etc.

I’ve worked on World Strongest Man comps, with elite athletes, and had Physios tell me I’m the best deep tissue they’ve ever had.

The feedback I get informs me that I am good, very good! So why are you waiting?

p.s. The map depicting location doesn’t seem to be correct. I’m in East Redfern, Sydney.

I look forward to ManHandling you soon.
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