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0408 599 789

I’m inviting you to experience an intimate Swedish body rub with a sensual touch. 

As an Athlete and Personal Trainer, I’m passionate about the body, so rest assured that you’re in good hands. 🙌

I welcome gay, str8, married and bi guys; No judgements 👬🕺👪 My service is 100% discreet. 🤐

Come and join me in the comfort of my private Terrace house in.South Melbourne. 96 tram. Free  onstreet 1and 2 hour car parks close by 🚋🚗🚲🚶🏾

Shower facilities available before and after your appointment 🚿

For more Info, I encourage you to read my testimonials page (I wrote them myself 😜)

30 min $100 
45 min $125
60 min $150 
 90 min $220
60 min 4hand $300
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0408 599 789

This is not an escort service 

Weight: 95 kg
Height: 187 cm
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9 Jun, 2019
Craig is a very sensual, considerate and intuitive masseur, in which delivered a very relaxing and rejuvenating massage for me. I enjoyed the body slides and touch of masculinity through the use of his extremely fit body. Very accommodating to different pressures and the ambience was very soothing and calming (scents revolve around his terrace home). Music played was relaxing also made by Craig so it is hand-tailored to you. May I see you next time Craig. Thanks
8 Aug, 2018
Craig is truly an expert masseur. He has the perfect touch with a combination of techniques. He was very attentive and respectful, and I will definitely be back (I didn't want my massage to end!) His studio is well located on a private street and well set up. Already looking forward to next time.
Happy Client
Happy Client
8 Jun, 2018
I honestly don’t know where to start! Lol After reading Craig’s previous positive client reviews, I made an appointment. This was the best decision I had made in a long time! From the friendly welcome at the front door, Zeus Craig was very caring and made me feel at ease instantly. My 90 minute massage was pure joy and bliss! I have never experienced such attention to detail and felt reenergised on departure, with a more positive outlook on life. I wished I lived closer for more frequent appointments. Thank you Craig for your professionalism and dedication to the human body!
I cannot wait for my next Melbourne trip! Or please come to Brisbane. 😉👍🍷 Kind regards Marko ☺️
22 Feb, 2018
I never thought masseurs like Craig existed,yes lots of great looking guys with bodies but this guy has it all. The moment he opens the door ,you noticed he is a big strapping guy and then that smile hits you as if your a long lost mate. NO such thing as being nervous ,thats all gone as soon as you see him and the welcome you get..Then its down to business with one of the best massages you will find and I have tried a few .If only he visited Sydney more often . If you want a great full body PROPER PROFESSIONAL massage ,this is the guy you want .No doubts at all.
4 Feb, 2018
Craig’s positive reviews are all very accurate. He’s an outstanding masseur and as fit as a professional athlete. He’s also a very genuine, considerate and trustworthy guy. Pete J
31 Jan, 2018
In a situation that could feel very transactional, Craig's personal touch made my massage experience very comfortable. 5 stars all round. Highly recommended.
10 Dec, 2017
Just enjoyed a 1 hour 4 hand massage with Craig and Mattie. Wow!! they were outstanding working in perfect harmony to massage and excite every square inch of your body. Their hands or bodies never leave you and their touch alternates between strong and delicate to raise you to new heights of ecstasy. If you experience no other massage in your lifetime make sure you see Craig and Mattie
4 Dec, 2017
Today I had my first ever male/male massage experience. I had been contemplating having a massage for some time, it wasn't until I saw Craig's new photo's, that I could not hesitate any longer. Being my first massage, I have nothing to compare it too, having said that, the experience was better than I was expecting. Being a bi guy, I never knew a guy could have such a sensual touch, I was so wrong. I haven't stopped thinking about it, so had to write a review! Thanks Craig.
3 Dec, 2017
I have had a number of massages by Craig . I have tried a few ,looking for one that knows what hes doing and makes u feel good.I found him and the only complaint is that hes in Melb and im Sydney,otherwise he would be my regular massuer.He is the real deal,top 3 massages ever had . never felt so relaxed with this guy and you walk out feeling a million dollars. But i shouldnt say to much as i will never get in for massage..haha..Well Done Craig ,your the best.
C Hart
C Hart
12 Nov, 2017
I read Craig's ad and reviews, and I wanted to see if he lived upto the hype. Craig really does create a new standard for Masseuses. I was blown away by his massage skills. I'm picky. Most don't do a real massage, if you know what I mean. Looks can be deceiving, his built like a brick shithouse but has a soft sensual touch! The massage was excellent from start to finish, with perfect pressure to every part of my body. I cannot recommend Craig enough, a 10 out of 10. Cant wait to go back.
12 Apr, 2017
From the first text message to Craig until the minute I left his apartment, this entire experience exceeded expectations. Relatively new to sensual massages, Craig ensured I felt at ease and was extraordinarily personable. His place was easy to find and parking as mentioned on his profile was a breeze right out the front. In terms of the actual massage I was transported to a place I've rarely been leaving completely relaxed. Offering a shower and welcoming me to return made the departure far from awkward and I was already planning my next appointment. Craig is a consummate professional and a genuine down to earth guy with a killer body who I'd have no hesitations in recommending in a heartbeat. Thank you, thank you. Get in contact guys, you won't be disappointed!
22 Feb, 2017
Was such a pleasure to have a massage from Craig. I organized our appointment the day before. Had good communication, and prompt replies. Located in a quiet street, with parking conveniently out the front! Craig combined soft and firm strokes, and at times, I had tingles running through my body with his sensual touch. Craig even exceeded my expectations with a few cheeky body slides, which was hot as! Thanks again Craig!!
18 Nov, 2016
Craig is an awesome guy, with a great attitude and amazing hands (and everything else!). All you would want in a sensual massage. Thanks Craig... see you again for sure. Cheers, George.
21 Sep, 2016
I had one of the best sensual massages today from one of the best guys you could ever meet. Incredibly friendly and personable, I feel like I've known Craig much longer than today's one hour. His technique was fantastic and I know I'm going to have the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. I cannot recommend Craig highly enough.
20 Sep, 2016
AMAZING, JUST BOOK. This is the most incredible experience I have ever had. I was so nervous, i had never done anything like this before. Craig opened the door and i felt as ease straight away. You can just sense he is a nice guy. Plus he is HOT (his pictures do not do him justice) so much hotter in real life. The massage was so sensual, he knows his way around a body. You can tell he loves what he does, it shows in how good he is. The whole experience was just mind blowing. I will be back, can't wait to experience him again.
13 Aug, 2016
Even with Craig's model good looks from his photos, he looks even hotter in person. This was actually my 3rd massage with Craig, and each time just seems to get better and better. He definitely has the X factor when it comes to delivering a sensual massage. I highly recommended his service for an intimate sensual massage.
1 Aug, 2016
Had my 1st massage with Craig last night after wanting to try him for ages. I was a bit nervous as usual going to someone new but from the moment he opened the door I was at ease. He's a seriously hot looking man, even better than his pics, and really tall (which I find hot). He's really down to earth, friendly and easy to talk to and a bit cheeky too. I like that. Massage was nice and firm and totally relaxing all the way through. He made me feel so relaxed and my body felt great afterwards. I definitely recommend him and now I have tried both him and Mattie solo, can't wait to try their 4 hand service!!!! Thanks Craig!!!!
8 Jul, 2016
Definitely give Craig a try! You couldn't meet a more friendly and down to earth guy. He's every bit as gorgeous as his photos suggest. I had a sensual Sweedish massage, it was good and firm and I left feeling loose and relaxed. I'll be back!
16 Apr, 2016
What a fantastic experience ! Craig is such a genuine guy, made me feel at ease straight away ( First M2M massage so was a bit terrified...). I left feeling extremely relaxed, and looking forward to making my next booking. If you are wondering if the photos can possibly be real like I was, rest assured Craig is an amazing looking bloke. I would recommend anyone that is a little unsure about it all book with Craig, don't think you'll find a nicer (or more skilled) masseur
12 Feb, 2016
Amazing!!!! I'm so pleased I'm booked a massage with Thatfitguy, Craig. Infact our first massage was so good, I made a second booking with him the following day, 2 sensual massages in two days!! I was greeted with a big friendly smile and a nice firm handshake. I instantly warmed to Craig, and he made me feel relaxed and at ease. The room smelt incredible with the musk oil coming from the diffuser and the candles really added to the intimate atmosphere. Craig not only met my expectations - he exceeded them! There is so much more to Craig than his model looks. He is the compete package and I cannot put into words how excellent the massage was. I highly recommend him; you'll have to find out for yourself. See you again tomorrow! Thanks Craig.
St Kilda
St Kilda
3 Feb, 2016
Finding a massage therapist that you feel comfortable with and knows how to treat your body can be hard. I decided to give Craig a go. I was a little nervious but as soon as he greeted me he made me feel completely as ease and welcomed. Not only is he a very attractive man (extremely attractive) but he is also very friendly and makes you feel completely comfortable. The massage was one of the best massages I've ever had. He give a nice strong, relaxing and sensual massage and I left feeling amazing. I am looking forward to seeing him regularly now as I know he will never disappoint and will always make me feel amazing. I think I will also have to try his 4 hand massage soon. Thanks Craig! I'll see you next week for my next massage!
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