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Remedial, Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Sensual

TXT ONLY SERVICE -  0405 002 710 

Hi I'm Lucas, 30 year old full time        (Fully *Qualified and Registered Remedial Massage Therapist*).  Cert 11V and - Advanced Remedial Diploma certified -     I'm Strong, fit, masc, muscular guy, beard/tatts.  Big warm smile.

Spiritual - Massage therapist / Myotherapist. - I do remedial, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports or relaxation and massage sessions, I take in - call booking ONLY sessions at mine - HOUSE in Highett - (I am situated walking distance frm Highett station so very easy to get to if you don't drive. Parking is closely available in street and nearby Parking Lot next door, Shower available on request either before/ after, heating and Air con in clean room with clean fresh linen and towels provided.

(My pictures on here are of me and my studio, they are recent   ( Face pics included )    not just a torso, so you can see me and know exactly what you are getting  when you book. So What you see is what you get. 

I am an Aussie man of Irish decent and a Swedish Oil based Certified massage therapist and you will have peace of mind that I am (100%) fully confidential with all my clients. So Bi curious or married men/ no worry there. I take my work seriously and confidentiality of my clients identity is every thing to me. As it is my business. 

I book all nationalities, genders, shapes and sizes and races. I also have many high profile clients that I can assure their identity and  (privacy is completely safe). I am a completely non discriminate therapist and very intuitive open minded and respectful guy. 

I am friendly - easy to talk to and look after my clients.  Feel free to ask me any thing about my services and tell me how you would like your session to go. Or ask for additional services and chargers. 

I also have not and will never offer discounted rates to my clients in exchange for them to leave positive feedback- review comments on my profile. I believe (my work speaks for its self). Also I have never needed to have my page refreshed many many times over by others or myself just to gain more views and boost my presence on here.

"Hot Stone Massage Also Now available" 

My rates are $80 for 1hr session,


 $100 for 1&half hr session. 


(In - call bookings at my home studio only.) My pics are of me and my studio.  (I RARLEY CAN TAKE CALLS SO ( TXT ) IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME) 

PLEASE note: 

(I generally always sit around a 1 day wait at all times. So Booking in advance is essential to getting a session with me.) 

Other wise you can try with a txt on the day if I have a cancellation I may be able to fit you in.

So if your looking for a deep tissue, sports massage to increase range of motion, ease pain /tightness or just coz you feel like one... I can help! 

I know what I am doing as I have a remedial diploma under my belt. I'm not a clock watcher so our session may go over the time set if need be. This is my full time role and have been doing this for 3 years now full time.

Txt to contact with me if I don't reply straight away I may be in a session with another client and I will reply as soon as I'm out. Blocked and Private numbers ignored.     TXT 

( 0405-  002 - 710 )

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