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Sydney, NSW
16-Apr-2018 → 02-May-2018

Sensual Massage Surry Hills

I’m an Italian artist,musician. I use the same magic of creativity in my massage practice.

I offer a whole body sensual massage. 

I prefer work on a massage floor mat instead of the massage table because it gives me access to all parts of your body. 

I use my hands and my hole body to create a touch experience that arouses and awakens the physical body. I also use very good quality essential oils and use them for aroma therapy.

Like waves of music travelling through your body, indulge yourself in a massage that will dance through you and excite your senses. I create a non-judgemental safe space, where you can explore an intimate touch massage to enliven your body and delight the physical. I believe that all one's senses should be engaged in a sensual massage, and that music and atmosphere play a huge part in creating the conversation of touch.

My technic will be different and individual every time. I use Body Flow,Body Electric, Tantric, Kundalini, Swedish technics. It will all depends of your needs on the moment.

 A feedback I receive constantly from my clients is they have never experienced something like it before, and this is my goal.


Fees are $130 - 60 mins or $170 - 90 mins 

SPECIAL $110 for my short time in Sydney.

I always work nude. Just let me know if you have other preferences.

This experience is suitable for men of any sexual identification, creeds, colours, sizes, backgrounds  and of all ages, who are looking for a one-to-one connection with another male.

Just contact me and we can start our journey together ;)

Musika : 0481123943 

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