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Signature Massage

For lovers of deep/targeted pressure.*

A targeted and deep unique full-body combination massage that helps stimulate circulation, remove knots, release tight muscles/joints, restore range of motion & reduce the severity of pain and the DOMS; all the while relieving intensity and keeping you in a deep state of relaxation - by fusing the unique ability of the therapist with elements of Remedial and Swedish massage.

60min $90|
75min $110|90min $130|105min $150|120min $195

Swedish Massage

You will experience a multitude of therapeutic techniques, such as long firm full-body strokes, compressions, tractions and kneading. That will activate the parasympathetic nervous system to help alleviate stress, relieve muscular tension and improve circulation; to promote relaxation and overall wellbeing.

30min $40|45min $60|60min $80

75min $100|90min $120|105min $140

 120min $160

Targeted Massage

Focusing on specific muscles, joints and connective tissue - ligaments, tendons, fascia; this massage aims to treat areas that are of concern through a treatment plan specific to your needs over multiple sessions.

30min $60|45min $80|60min $100

75min $120|90min $140|105min $160

 120min $180


All treatments are accompanied by a very unique selection of hypnotic ambient music, essential oil fragrances and ambient light; creating a full sensory experience to help you transcend the physical body and remain in a deep state of relaxation.


📍Redfern, 2016

7min walk from Central & Redfern station

◾Unscented water-soluble Jojoba oil

Hair product and deodorant

◾Electric Treatment Table

◾Shower available 

◾Phone charging

◾Guest parking





14:00am - 9:00pm


10:00am - 9:00pm


4:00pm - 9:00pm


10:00am - 9:00pm


10:00am - 9:00pm


10:00am - 9:00pm

Please include your name, desired service and preferred date/time.

0406 494 683



•This is not a sensual/m2m service**
•Cancellation within 24hrs or not showing up to an appointment will result in a charge of 50% of the total treatment cost.

•THIS IS A COVID SAFE WORKPLACE: all surfaces are sanitised after every use; including; the massage table, taps, toilet, shower, door handles and EFTPOS device.

•Towels are bleached clean and replaced after every use.

•Hand sanitiser is available and required on entry.

•Muscle soreness & sleepiness can occur post-treatment. 

•Drink lots of water & refrain from exercise for 12-24hrs after your treatment.

•Please shower prior to treatment.

I reserve the right to refuse or stop any service at any time.

Weight: 81 kg
Height: 178 cm
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Body Hair
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  • Starting From - $ 50
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8 Jul, 2022
I had my massage with body align last week and can say it that it was one of the best massages of my life. He was so friendly, professional and knew what he was doing. Right amount of pressure with great muscle work. I will defied be back. Highly recommended
18 Jun, 2022
Jet has magic hands. An amazing, professional massage. Highly recommended to all, but particularly for those needing a deep remedial massage. So good, I'll be back!
10 Jun, 2022
I have been to Jet a half dozen times so far, weekly tbh since i met him, he is a very talented and an extremely lovely guy. He has a knack for knowing where he needs to focus but at the same time he takes care of your whole body. I am very grateful I came across him and I hope to be able to continue going to him because its unreal how good I feel after Ive been. Thanks Jet, your awesome
22 Apr, 2022
Second massage with Jet…as good, if not better than the first. Jet provides a fantastic massage that was very therapeutic and thorough. Clean and comfortable environment with a great music playlist providing a wonderful ambiance. Thanks a lot and I’ll be back again for sure :)
3 Feb, 2022
Without a doubt this is one of the most amazing massage experiences I have ever come across. I have been coming to Jet for years and all for good reason. His technique can only be described as perfection. The ambience is spot on! It feels like I am being pampered in a 5 star resort with soothing music , towels , shower. I rarely provide feedback for services, but this experience is one that I felt compelled to recommended. There are lots of guys to choose from on this website, but what you get with Jet is a REAL massage whilst being totally relaxed and very reasonably priced for such perfection.
30 Jan, 2022
He really knows his craft and works hard at it to deliver an outstanding experience. It is a combination of the best of various massage techniques and will tease out spots of sweet ache that will melt into a relaxation of that muscle. The result is a deep level muscular relaxation, not just a superficial level, which lasts for hours if not days after the massage. Ideal if you have tight hamstrings and calves from exercise or from stiffness of the neck shoulders or back from bad posture or due to arthritis. After 1 session, i booked ahead for every month for the entire year. It is that good.
14 Nov, 2021
Jet is incredible! Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. 10/10 - left his place feeling like a new man. Highly recommended
3 Oct, 2021
The massage I had from Jet was one of the best massages I have ever had. You will not be disappointed!
19 Sep, 2021
I have been seeing Jet - Body Align for many years. There are lots of guys on this website that have no idea what they are doing but if you want a real massage this is the place to go! From the moment he starts you know you are in the hands of a professional. I recently had the most experience of a 3 hour massage! I thought that 3 hours may be have been to long but it wasnt. I felt like i was transported into another world of tranquility. Even the music was on point with subtle mental health messages amongst the music. He is a very polite man and checks to ensure pressure is right and that you are comfortable. It is no wonder he has the most reviews of any therapist on this website becuase he is simply the best. Cant wait to be back :-)
16 Sep, 2021
I had a great massage yesterday and already booked in for the next appointment. Jet worked his magic hands on my body and the muscle tension built up over the weeks from my training was eased after the session. A very skilled, professional and friendly person. Thank you very much.
Alan Grande Stark
27 Aug, 2021
Professor Unique is very very professional, friendly, respectful, good-looking, and genuinely, good manners guy mate. He spent time effectively getting to know the client's specific needs. His fantasy hands, aromatic warm organic oil, flow style techniques, and skills just brighten up my day and weekend, excellent work with ease pains and relieve stress. I do strongly recommend u to book a fantastic unique massage treatment by that pretty cute sweet good heart polite lovely guy man. his facility is quite a privacy and hygiene apt, extremely hygiene, especially impressive by clinical standard treat room, and very mindful of infection control, thx again for great healing and energy recovery treatment, will come back regularly for sure!
3 Jul, 2021
Jet is great. He's a very friendly, honest, smart and highly skilled masseur. I've had 90 min massages several times with him. His massage is thorough, literally from head to toe. He knows where trigger points are and what level of pressure to apply to release them. He always finds knots in my back and legs straight away. I always feel so much better after a massage with Jet. Of course he's very handsome too and his photos don't do him justice.
I can only highly recommend Jet to anyone who needs deep-tissue or relaxation massage because of stress or regular exercise.
20 Jun, 2021
Hi every one, I would love to recommend Jet to every single person looking to have a relaxing massage or any person is suffering from muscular pain, that’s because I did visit him and really enjoyed his miracle hands, right and very clever technique, knows how to fix the trigger points on the body. Jet had a very nice sense humour, honest and respectful.
I will see him again and again.
27 Mar, 2021
I had a great 120 minute deep tissue massage from jet. He’s externally thorough and skilled. I totally recommend him to anyone who values a professional deep tissue whole body massage.
22 Jan, 2021
I had a 2-hour massage as my body was in a lot of pain. Jet has a unique quality to his massage technique and flow. He was switched on the whole time without fault working hard to relieve and revive this tired body of mine. I can highly recommend Jet as a professional, well trained and intuitive massage therapist, and his dog is just a sweetie. Give yourself a real massage and book Jet, you won’t be disappointed id it’s a real massage you are looking for.
9 Dec, 2020
Just had a phenomenal 2-hour massage with Jet!
Great strength to find hidden knots all over my body. The pain was real, but so was the relief when he moved on to the next stage. I'm smiling now, safe in the knowledge that I've found the best masseur in Sydney! Thanks mate
25 Oct, 2020
Jet has good knowledge of skeletal and muscular system, his massage is firm and detailed. He found my area of problem only my physician knows straight away! I’m impressed with his massage skill! He’s welcoming and the room is very clean. You’ll definitely feel energised & relaxed at the same time! 10/10!
12 Aug, 2020
Absolutely a great service for someone who's been working and working out a lot and need to relax their muscle. He knows which part of my body needs to be massaged more and focused on those parts. Great technique, music playlist is also great.
Thick sausage
16 Feb, 2020
Amazing if u r looking for a Deep tissue massage. Nice sensual experience. Very friendly and made me feel at ease.
21 Jan, 2020
Wow! My 1 hour massage was excellent. Clearly he is someone whom is trained well in massage. Plus, he was welcoming, chilled out (even his dog was chilled), and exceedingly attractive. Photos don’t really do him justice.

I thoroughly recommend and cannot wait for next time.
24 Nov, 2019
Jet is a fantastic massage therapist and a wonderful person.

His style is in the theme of a deep tissue / sports level of pressure, with an assertive touch and he intuitively understands where problem areas are and what a baseline state of your muscles should be. He is quite unique amongst practictioners in this, as he has able to maintain this level of intensity across your whole body and throughout your time with him. You will feel the stress and tension your body is holding being broken down and by the next day, your muscles will thank you for it!

Just as important, this is a hunky guy with a sharp intellect and a beautiful soul - calm and reassuring, he makes you feel welcome and will lead you through the experience with control and confidence. He has a natural sensuality that comes from within and has a nuanced approach that makes him a guy you could easily talk to anywhere and anyhow you happened to come across him.

Thanks Jet and see you again soon!
14 Nov, 2019
This guy knows what he is doing. From first minute to last it is an exhilarating experience. Very true to the description jet has written on this page. I wanted to try it off to see I ended up being a frequent visitor. I probably used over 100 masseurs in my life I am mind boggled how good this guy is.
24 Oct, 2019
Jet is an awesome masseuse! Friendly and accommodating....not to mention a very good looking guy!! I was extremely nervous...but he made me feel relaxed almost instantly. He provides the perfect environment... temperature controlled,comfortable table and great background music. His technique is superb...hits the spot! Highly recommend!!
13 Sep, 2019
Jet is all his profile shares, electrifying and out of the box massage. On my last August visit, had amazing 90 min session. Wish there would be more Jets around the world!
8 Sep, 2019
If you are reading this, then just drop whatever you are doing and get a booking! I’ve had a few massages in my life and by far Jet comes on top! The session was intense and relaxing at the same time. Jet works really hard to make sure he covers everything, leaving you refreshed and energised. Beside the fact that he is sexy as(!) His technique was perfect. Also, not being out, I felt reassured before and during the massage. I’m definitely going for another one when I’m back in Sydney! Highly recommended.

Thanks Mate, slept like a baby after.
21 Aug, 2019
Jet provided an awesome massage. I indulged and had a 90 minute session. It was amazing. Jet never wavered with the energy he applied and I was in awe of his stamina. Highly recommended if you like a firm confident and specialised massage like I do.
21 Aug, 2019
Jet provided an awesome massage. I indulged and had a 90 minute session. It was amazing. Jet never wavered with the energy he applied and I was in awe of his stamina. Highly recommended if you like a firm confident and specialised massage like I do.
13 Aug, 2019
Had a 1 hour massage with Jet and would highly recommend to anyone that needs their aches and pains dealt with. Jet applied right amount of pressure in the massage to clear up all tension.
Will be going back for sure now that I have found a masseuse that knows how to read the clients body to deliver the best experience possible.
7 Aug, 2019
Something so different and so remarkable. I have never felt so energised and rejuvenated after a massage. The best I have ever had, hands down! The technique is incredibly unique, thorough and yes electrifying haha. If you enjoy a deep tissue massage that gets into all the nooks and crannies and actually does what is promised, then this guy is for you. I've definitely finally found my regular therapist.

Thanks again man, incredible skills.
24 May, 2019
One of the best massages I have ever had. Not only did my headaches stop, my neck and back have never felt better.

Location was great, clean and relaxing.

Jet has a firm but gentle touch that will have you relaxed and sighing in relief in no time.

Definitely going back!
16 May, 2019
Frequent traveler here and I must say WOW! I have never experienced such a unique technique anywhere else in the world. It was such an experience. The music, the oil, the pressure, everything was spot on!

Highly recommended for those who enjoy it deep and thorough!
8 May, 2019
Had a fantastic massage with Jet. His great technique with the perfect amount of pressure left me totally relaxed. Highly recommended. Will definitely be going back again. Thanks!
18 Apr, 2019
Jet gave me one of the absolute best massages I have ever had!!! He is so amazing! I virtually felt that I was floating off the table! I can't stress enough how much I wish I lived in Sydney and could go to him on a regular basis! I have had many massages, but NEVER one like this! Thanks Jet!!!!!!!
10 Apr, 2019
Great massage from a very talented and caring guy. Have never had such a firm and thorough massage and am feeling fantastic. Jet worked tirelessly for an hour and the firmness and pressure didn't let up. Would love to return - sooner than later! Thank you.
5 Apr, 2019
Had my first massage with Jet yesterday - and can I tell you the reviews are right on the money!
A friendly, easy going guy, great space, and one of the best massages I have ever had!! He found knots and tightness that I didn’t even know I had.
Will definitely be back!!
7 Mar, 2019
I have been receiving a full body massage every month for the last couple of years from Jet. He has allowed my body to adapt to the ever changing circumstances of my life and my training. Finding someone in which I trust was always of highest priority. So finally being able to fully let go of my body and my thoughts and let the massage, the music and the energy do it's work has been a true blessing.

Highly recommended!
27 Jan, 2019
I booked a 1hr massage with Jet and the first thing you notice when arriving at his place, even before the door opens is the lovely fragrance of the oils he has burning. A great start!

Jet provides an excellent massage therapy service. He's intuitive and finds all the knots and aches you weren't even aware you were holding.

His massage style is firm, with a great continuous flow and is excellent techniques. His stimulating techniques mean you can actually feel all of your muscles as he works on them individually.

The music that plays in the background is a perfect accompaniment to his massage style and the overall atmosphere he creates for his treatment.

He is both professional and friendly and communicates well before, during and after the treatment, creating an overall comfortable, relaxing and invigorating experience.

I believe in promoting quality services and definitely recommend his massages, altho like myself when booking my next massage with him, go the 90mins because 1hr was def not long enough.
19 Jan, 2019
Amazing massage. Super firm just they way I like it. Professional and polite guy. One of the best tension releasing massage I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go again.
23 Jul, 2018
An awesome experience. A real pocket rocket that delivers a hell of a massage and leaves you ready to take on the world. Definitely worth the visit
21 Jul, 2018
Quite simply one of the nicest sexiest guys who’s actually a talented therapist, thorough and great pressure, unique techniques, great communicator, easy going fun guy who offers one of the best massages you will find. I’ve been many times and will always comeback and can’t wait for my next one!
6 Jun, 2018
I saw Jet for the first time today and am still feeling amazing from what was literally the best massage I have had in over 10 years of getting massaged. Jet's place is easy to find with good parking, it's a great environment with a chilled vibe. He is very friendly and made me feel comfortable and welcome straight away -- and he is a very, very good looking fella! The massage itself was bliss. I won't describe it any more - try it for yourself; you'll be glad you did.
5 Jun, 2018
Rave reviews all around! Saw Jet today for this first time. Easy going guy, charming and ridiculously handsome! Exceeds all his reviews I've read and his online profile. He puts you at ease immediately and gave the best massage. Seriously! Ambiance was great too with his choice of music in a funky relaxing pod. Couldn't have asked for a better experience and will definitely be back! Thanks again mate.
29 Apr, 2018
I have been to see this awesome guy several times now. Strong hands and a real natural touch. Super hot and down to earth. Amazing
28 Mar, 2018
I can't get enough. Every session I have had has been epic. Very thorough, very firm and very talented. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
1 Mar, 2018
One of my best decisions is that i decided to get a massage by Unzip.
His touches, his techniques in massage take you to a whole new world. It is such a good thing when you feel every single touch that triggers your senses.I am absolutely planning to visit him back again and again without hesitation. Well recommended 👍👍
Simon O
12 Feb, 2018
Jet was amazing. Such a great massage and worked all the right spots. Also such a great friendly guy that makes you feel very comfortable. Will definitely be back and refer him to others.
12 Feb, 2018
I have been seeing Jet for months now and I have been feeling better then ever. His massage is quite different which is exactly how I like it. Remedial where needed and sensual where not. Highly recommended!
5 Feb, 2018
Jet is truly everything I've been looking for. Strong hands and deep firm pressure where needed, awesome attitude, friendly fella and great to look at to! I've definitely found my guy!
17 Dec, 2017
Had my first massage with Jet over the weekend and I still feel epic! Biggest legend, have definitely found a regular! Thanks again man.
1 Dec, 2017
I've had many massages all over the world and my experience with Jet yesterday was excellent, one of the best ever. Its refreshing to find someone who looks ike their pictures and meets their description online, or in this case exceeds it. He put me at ease immediately with his professionalism and charming personality. His studio is spacious and relaxing.The massage was excellent. I couldnt have asked for a better experience. If I lived in Sydney I would visit time and again. Maybe I'll see him again before I leave.
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