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unZip & unwind with a Hot Oil Full Body Massage

unZip Massage fuses elements of Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage into the ancient Japanese tenchique of Shiatsu; a form of manipulation by thumbs, fingers and palms to correct internal malfunctions.

This trio allows you to experience an extremely thorough, intense and firm full-body massage that helps stimulate circulation, remove knots, release tight muscles, restore range of motion and relieve pain.. all the while keeping you in a deep state of relaxation through long firm pressure, vibration and finger work to counteract the previous release of pressure.

Leaving your mind, body and soul feeling regenerated, ready to fight another week.

With a large 'regulars' client base it is essential to make your bookings as early as possible to insure the most mutually compatible time.


30min Full Body unZip Massage = $50.00  

30min Full Body unZip Massage(m2m) = $100 

60min Full Body unZip Massage = $100   

60min Full Body unZip Massage (m2m) = $150 Most Popular**

90min Full Body unZip Massage = $150

90min Full Body unZip Massage (m2m) = $200



Mon: Sessions Available 

Tue: Sessions Available 

Wed: Sessions Available 

Thu: Sessions Available 

Fri: Fully Booked

Sat: Sessions Available 

Sun: Sessions Available

For all bookings, please contact 0406494683 directly via WHATSAPP or text message.


DISCOUNTS (All services - id required)

Student/Pensioner: 15% 

Health Worker: 10%

Referals: 20% for both parties, every time! 


❗️ 100% discretion guaranteed 

 Showered, clean & hygienic ONLY (Shower & Bathroom facilities are available)
 I reserve the right to refuse a service if I deem unsafe for my own health and safety at any time.

Please respect phone numbers and residential address; professional enquiries only.

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