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Qualified Therapeutic, Sensual + Tantric Massage

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I am a passionate and caring Qualified Therapist with more than 6 years experience. I trained here in Australia receiving Cert IV, followed by Diploma of Remedial massage and have continued to study abroad in Asia, specifically Thailand, Bali, Japan, China and India.   My superior understanding of human anatomy has allowed me to work with elite athletes, sports teams and celebrities across the world and I am just recently back from working in Europe with soccer teams.,    Available for your specific needs either for Pain / Injury Management, Stress Reduction, Anti-Depressant / Anxiety and Tension Release. 

My specialties include a combination therapy of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Sensual and Tantric massage to bring you an overwhelming feeling of calmness, whilst addressing any soreness, reduced motion, on a holistic level.  I take a considered approach to my work that allows you to simply surrender and have every part of your body relaxed and eased with my powerful tension busting hands.  

I enjoy working naked with my client's  and I treat all  with the utmost respect and equally.  Being in the industry for sometime now, I work with athletes, celebrities, performing artists and corporate companies whilst managing my studio and building my massage franchises.  Hence this is more than a full time career, it is my ultimate passion which provides me with a lengthy regular client base. 

General Deep Tissue / Remedial / Relaxation Bodywork (Therapeutic)
$90 for 60 mins 
$120 for 90 mins
$160 for 120 mins
Naked Sensual / Therapeutic Combination (Therapist naked with touching allowed)
$120 for 60 mins
$180 for 90 mins
$220 for 120 mins
Is a very sensual treatment throughout that focuses on increasing sexual energy throughout the body, creating a mind blowing experience 
$250 for 90 minutes

Massage increases circulation, flushes the internal organs and circulatory system helping elimination of toxins from the body.

Healing Common Issues such as:

Anxiety, stress and tension
Arthritis, osteoarthritis
Back aches and pains
Cold feet
Poor Circulation
Poor Detoxification

Client Testimonials:
"Great massage from a good looking guy. He is a professional masseur and is worth every dollar and them some!"

"Awesome massage, very relaxing. Can highly recommend. Skilled hands that relax every muscle in your body. I'll be back. 

"Very tactile and passionate guy, an hour of unrushed pleasure 

"For those who enjoy a great massage, he has the goods to provide the kind of relaxing outcomes you will be seeking. He shows that he enjoys his job and helping people so a passionate therapist.
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