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Clients I See

Men Transgender

Services I Offer

Incalls Therapeutic Sensual Fantasy Fetish (foot or other)


St Kilda East location

1 hour massage starting at a low $80 with a range of services available

I am:

·         85kg.

·         White.

·         Hairy in all the right places.

·         Muscular man with a shaved head.

·         Beard.

·         Tattoos and a couple of piercings.

I am a QUALIFIED massage therapist whose primary goal is to help you relax.


Please TEXT ONLY on 0472 507 322 for all rates, services

I am selective about my clients - good manners and respect will serve you well.

If I do not respond to your text immediately I am either with another valued client or unavailable at the time. 

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** do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers **


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