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Every Session is Special...

UPDATE: Due to recent restrictions in Victoria I'm available only for Outcalls (10AM - 7PM). 

Professional Sensual Masseur and Natural Empath – available for both Incalls and Outcalls around Melbourne. 

Fully qualified Professional Massage Therapist with Model Look - happy to offer all kinds of Sensual and Remedial Massages  for your pleasure.
I'm truly passionate with Massage and always doing my best to create unique, personalized experience for every client.

Feel free to check out all the details and specials on my website.

The Massage Sessions are fully customized, personalized around your Desires and Needs:
- If you have a Sore Back and need to relieve tension – then I’ll do the mix of Remedial, Myostructural and Swedish – with a possibility to finish with some Relaxation stuff.

- If you’re Stressed and psychologically depleted – then I’ll mix the SPA styles (Neurosedative, Biovascular etc.), adding Hawaiian Lomi Lomi for pleasure and Oxytocin to turn your mind off for you.

- If you’re Lovingly Unsatisfied – then I’ll most likely perform my Signature Sensual: Tantric, Mixed Spanish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and optional Body Slides to finish with and, of course, some Cuddling to feel Loved and Satisfied.

Et cetera…

I seldom do any specific style on its own (check the full list on my website) – why would you need to artificially limit yourself by one specific technique, if you can mix the best from different ones to get better results?

During the Session,  ask any questions (or tell me the desires ;).
I feel comfortable wearing jeans or sexy undies, however – can have clothes optional or wear some fetish-gear on request.

Fully Insured IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) Member.

Weight: 68 kg
Height: 175 cm
Age: 23
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  • Starting From - $ 120
  • Starting From - $ 120
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8 Oct, 2020
I saw Ivan for 90 mins a while back and he surely impressed.
Ivan is full of positive energy and very open minded. It was just as nice talking to him as getting the massage and treatment. He knows his stuff well and was generous with his time. Love your work Ivan.

Btw, he is very good looking if you wonder.
13 Sep, 2020
Nice easy going guy who found the sore spots and provides a relaxing and sensual massage.
S.E. Guy
S.E. Guy
6 Sep, 2020
Ivan is highly skilled, his technique and caring attitude makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Tension and stress in my back, built up from working from home has been removed
I can't wait for my next massage.
24 Jul, 2020
Had three massages from Ivan so far - just can't get enough of them! Everything that he writes on his website is true - his touch is very sensual, his technique is amazing and he has very cute accent. During the whole session I have the feeling that he is 100% aware and concentrating on what he is doing (not just going through learnt sequences), and yes - every session is really unique! I have tried his signature sensual - which is phenomenal, and tantric with nuru finishing - the best massage experience I had by that moment. It is like he is healing your body and mind, pleasing your every spot and loving your whole body!
Especially want to say about the energy around him - I just love meeting him (would love to have a night out with him, honestly), and it is getting stronger and better every time we see each other. As a person - he is very gentle and sensitive (guessing how many happy boyfriends he has...), and from what I could get - pretty smart ass (oh yes, that ass...).
27 Jun, 2020
Very genuine and highly recommended. Technique and attention to detail is spot on. He knows what he is doing and has the personality that goes with. You will not look back.
22 Jun, 2020
Ivan is one of a kind masseur. He comes fully prepared and professional in every way. Hi can put a client at ease and read the situation and your bodys needs almost immediately. He is fully trained, but this is no dry text book massage. Ivan is intuitive and instinctive and that is so rare in the massage world.
He can have intelligent, settling conversation if you like, or be calm and silent.. whichever you prefer, but be confident that he will take you to a wonderful world with his skills.
He is also a totally handsome man.. which you will discover for yourself.
12 Jun, 2020
I recently had the pleasure of a 90 massage session with Ivan, what an experience, not just the standard rub n tug that seems to be the norm of those masseurs on this site. I would encourage anyone that uses a regular service on here to try a booking with Ivan, guarantee you will not being going back to your previous provider(s). Very friendly man and does pay attention to you not just go through the motions. Thanks Ivan, I'll be a regular client from here on.
12 Jun, 2020
Had a massage today. It was beyond doubt the best, most relaxing session I’ve had. He is such a genuine, calm and kind fella, and his massage technique is outstanding to the point I almost drifted off. 90mins wasn’t long enough.
Recommend and will definitely book him again.
Thanks mate!
11 Jun, 2020
Had a 60-min massage with Ivan last weekend. Everything that was mentioned on Ivan’s website is true and accurate. Ivan certainly knows his stuff, has great technique, and a warm and calming personality. Highly recommended if you are after a professional bespoke massage experience.
7 Jun, 2020
Had the pleasure of meeting Ivan this week, and have already booked him for this coming week. His massage technique is intuitive, and he picks up on your energy and works accordingly. You can truly feel his calming energy, and I felt instantly relaxed. Just wish I could book him everyday!
4 Jun, 2020
Wow Ivan
What a fantastic approach, never have I met such an enthusiastic , passionate Massuer.
He truely loves what he does.
I also appreciate the fact he is no ripping people
Off, fair price I hop it stays that way as some guys on here are just to expensive. I am proves you can get fair AAA service.
Thanks for the amazing service , overall just awesome.
Technique and application of that technique was amazing.
Helps that he is super cute and with that accent wow, I was in heaven.
Looking forward to the next massage.
Michael x
1 Jun, 2020
I had the pleasure of meeting Ivan a couple of moths ago and ever since I booked him once a week. I have booked many masseurs and have been relatively satisfied, however Ivan tops it. Since meeting Ivan, I stopped seeing other masseurs. I highly recommend his Lomi Lomi massage and also Tantric. It left me completely satisfied and once I even fell asleep.
Ivan is now my permanent masseur and I am intending to continue using his superb services.
I am highly experienced with male masseurs and can guarantee Ivan's service is superior to anyone else I had the pleasure of meeting.
Ivan can read the client's body language and understands their needs even without it having to be explained.
As a lady I highly appreciate his involvement in my life and my stress levels have significantly reduced since making our time a regular weekly occurrence.
Ivan is bisexual, so he provides outstanding service to both men and women. I would highly recommend Ivan for your perusal.
I would recommend writing polite email requests to contact him as he is highly selective. I would like those of you who enjoyed his service to have some time to share your feedback, I think it will help him build his profile as his technique is amazing.

Enjoy your day and warm regards.

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