Our Testimonial System

Terms of use.
Masseurs, and registered site users wishing to post a testimonial, must read and agree to these terms and conditions for testimonials.
These terms and conditions must be read in conjuction with our other terms and conditions and privacy policy

1. General

- Members information is confidential as per our privacy agreement. We cannot give out member information to other users.

- We (site administrators) read all testimonials and decided if they should be approved based our general terms and conditions.

- Our decision on whether a testimonial is approved, is at our discretion. and all decisions are final.

- A member can only write a testimonial for an individual masseur once.

- We (the company) do not edit, change or modify testimonials under any circumstanses.

- We have an opt out option for the testimonial system allowing masseurs to completely opt out of the system

2. Posting a testimonial.

- Only registered site users can post a testimonial, masseurs cannot post testimonials. Any masseur found to be writing testimonials will be banned from the testmonial feature

- Testimonial comments must contain relevant information about the massage. One line testimonials may be denied at our discretion.

- Testimonials must adhere to our site terms and conditions for posting content.

- A Testimonial will not be shown on the site until it has been approved by our administrative staff and by the masseur.

- All testimonials will have a status of "Approved", "Denied" or "Pending.

3. Testimonial Denial

Your testimonial may be deemed "Denied" if one, or any of the following, are believed to be true by our staff. The status of any testimonial will always be at our discretion.

- The testimonial mentions or eludes to a sexual service.

- The testimonial uses terms that do not adhere to our terms and conditions.

- Rude or inappropriate language.

- One line testimonials.

- The testimonial is a duplicate or fraudulently placed.

- The testimonial uses terms or phrases that are considered derogatory, defamatory or discriminatory

- The testimonial does not adhere to any of our general terms and conditions.

Testimonials that are denied will not appear on the site.

3. Options for Masseurs with existing reviews from our old review system.

- The comment portion from your review will be automatically shown on your profile as a testimonial.

- If a masseur does not want his reviews from our old system displayed as testimonials, there are three options.

a) Opt our of our testimonial system completely via the settings page.

b) Revoke approval of individual testimonials via the testimonials page.

c) For members with a high number of reviews in the old system, please contact us to have all your testimonial approvals revoked, but stay in the testimonial system.

Remember you can opt out. We provide an option in the SETTINGS TAB to opt out of the testimonial system completely.

5. Changes

This policy was last modified on 27th December 2019

This agreement is subject to change by Steel Oats Media Pty Ltd at any time. Changes are effective when posted on this site without notice upon each member.

Questions and Contact Information

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