Terms for Image Upload

Read in conjunction with our terms and conditions.

These guidelines also ensure that our website is not categorized correctly by search engines and meet our obligations to our merchant service. MassageGuys reserves the right to remove any photo, at anytime, for any reason.


We do not allow nude photography to appear on the website.

Prohibited Images:

  • Copyrighted Photos
     - Images that are not your intellectual property and copyrighted by a third party are not allowed. Exceptions are if the copyright owner has granted permission, and the photo is clearly an image of you. Stock photography will not be considered your intellectual property.
  • Fake Photos
     - MassageGuys has a zero tolerance policy for using fake/inaccurate images (eg. another persons photos). We will require photo verification should we recieve complaints that images are inaccurate or fake.We also reserve the right to remove your ad from the website without a refund.
  • Nude
    - Genitals (penis, balls, anus, pubic hair etc) - Images showing genitals or anus are not allowed.
    - No fully nude images are allowed, you must have full coverage with at least a speedo in outdoor setting, or shorts indoors. Using a towel or underwear is not permitted

    - No string thongs allowed. No jockstrap allowed.
  • Other People
     - Only the massage therapist (and massage partner if applicable) can appear in the photo. No other recognizable people are allowed to be included in the photo. Images showing kissing are prohibited
  • Clients/Models
    - Must be adequately covered with a towel and you cannot show their face due to privacy restrictions.
  • Animations and Abstract Images
     - All clipart, abstract photography or animations are prohibited. An image of your massage studio or massage diploma are allowed.
  • Sexually Suggestive or Explicit Images
     - Images showing the buttocks being held apart by hands. Images depicting (either simulated, actual or suggestive) sexual activities are expressly prohibited.
  • Under 18 Years Old
     - In the interest of safety, images of anyone under the age of 18 are prohibited.
  • Animals
     - Photos wiith animals are prohibited.
  • Violence and/or Abuse
     - Photos depicting violence or abuse of any kind are prohibited. S&M/Fetish Photo images that depict bondage or S&M abuse are prohibited.
  • Bodily Fluids
     - Images containing/similar to blood, semen, fecal matter or other bodily fluids are not allowed.
  • Hand Holding or Touching Near Genitals
     - Hand holding or touching genitalia, or appearing to grip or stimulate genitals is prohibited. This is at our discretion.
  • Focused/closeup on your butt or groin
    - Not permitted.
  • Pants pulled down
    - in a suggestive way is not permitted.
  • Pubic region
    - must be covered regardless of if you are shaved or not.
  • Lying
    - May not be laying in any position indoors. Non-sugesstive, clothed, outdoor photos allowed.
  • Suggesitve posing/actions
    - This can include such things as lying or posing in a sexually suggestive pose, sticking out your tongue or other actions. This is out our discretion.
  • Blurred Images
     - Images containing a blur or a photoshopped box over genitalia are not allowed. Genitals including pubic hair must be fully covered by a minimum of a speedo. We may decide to edit the image to bring it to the requirements listed here.
  • Outline of Genitals Through Clothing
     - Prohibited. If we can clearly see the outline of your penis through your underwear, we may remove the image at our discretion..
  • No bulge
    should be seen through speedos.
  • Text message, Email or App Screengrabs
     - These are allowed so long as the content conforms to our terms and conditions for photos and written text and do not mention or elude to sexual services. We will remove at our discetion
  • Text Overlay
    - can be photoshoped in. However we reserve the right to deny a image based on the text content.
  • Other Overlays
     - Other types of overlays are generally not allowed. However images may be approved at our discretion.
  • Face Blurring
    - or similar, is no longer allowed. Cropping your face from your photo is permitted
  • Certifications/Documents
    - Screenshots of certifications or Covid vaccination status etc are permitted so long as:
    • - The document have not been altered
    • - The document clearly shows the first and last name
    • - The name on the document matches the legal name associated with the massage guys account
    • - The document is relevant to the services offered on the massageguys website.

By uploading any photos or other material, you warrant that the uploaded photos or materials do not infringe upon any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party. You further warrant that you have a right to make available the photos or materials under law or contractual relationships. Uploading photos or materials that are found to infringe upon the proprietary rights of another party may result in the deactivation or deletion of your account.

All our decisions regarding photo eligibility are final and non-negotiable.


This policy was last modified on 5th October 2021

This agreement is subject to change by Steel Oats Media Pty Ltd at any time. Changes are effective when posted on this site without notice upon each member.

If you have any questions regarding our Photo Policy, please contact us during our regular operating hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time.

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