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A unique technique ;)

Hi, welcome to my profile. (First of all, sorry for hiding my face, my privacy is very important, and yours is not less important than mine)

In the first place, Let me introduce myself  :)
I am Giorgio, 22 years old, a gymnastic athlete and a Spanish and Persian mix.
I am a masseur, and I am straight.
I have lived across four different continents, fluent in three languages, all with unique cultures which has opened my mind and developed me, I am a very cultured person as well, psychology, sociology, technology, science, law, nutrition. I practise most of sports and i play the piano, i am a coach and i hope to write a book some day.
Even having my physique I try distance myself from the stereotype of the self-absorbed male overly concerned with his physical appearance and ego!
About my services:
i was taught by the best masseurs within the atmosphere of the turkish bathrooms in north Africa, i work anykind: deep tissue, relaxation and sensual massage. As per client request the massage I absolutely adapt it to his/her needs; soft and relaxing or strong (deep tissue & sports) to stimulate your muscles.
You will experience an intense, firm and thorough full-body massage.
Floating sensation with magnificent results.

Truly, you are always free to choose anybody and try til you find the right person for your needs.
Without underestimating the qualities of anybody here, my interest goes beyond money, if you are not happy, I am neither, and that is all. Because I am not selling any kind of smoke, I am giving you a real service. Not the first time in sitting to chat and have a drink before and after, not even knowing you; thats me :)

For those keeping my number to contact later, spots are filling very quickly, specially INTERSTATE. 

I am located in Potts Point and i offer out calls to all Sydney.

  • Please understand that I will NOT answer PRIVATE CALLS. ******

Also, not being offensive, but I think I have enough photos :) 


Weight: 65 kg
Height: 174 cm
Age: 23
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13 Apr, 2019
I am the boyfriend of the comment bellow, and I had it after him. He is Spaniard, but not little at all, very athletic.

And it was incredible. He has amazing hands and strong fingers. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxation. He sets you at ease. Completely non judgemental. You know up front what is coming. He is honest, amiable, has a great personality and he's very cute :-)

We will MOST DEFINITELY invite him again. I highyl recommend Griogio if you are looking for something relaxing, something erotic, something sensual and something totally satisfying. Awesome job. Can't wait to go back.

13 Apr, 2019
I have seen many masseurs over the past couple of years. This little spaniard has to be one of the best I have seen. He is one of the few masseurs who does an intense FULL body massage. The music plays through quality speakers, not the tinny sounding laptop speakers many masseurs use. Parking was easy, at least here in Perth, he is very polite and friendly, we seemed to be on the same wavelength, he was easy to understand and I cannot fault the session. A shower was provided at the conclusion, optional at the beginning. If you want a relaxing sensual massage, do yourself a favour, and see this guy. He is on my regular shortlist.
12 Apr, 2019
This guy is very recent in the website but it is amazing how many testimonials is having, and I want to help his bussines putting mine.

He was amazing. I was completely nervous but he is very confident and intelligent, and he made me feel completely at ease during my entire session. With an amazing body and a super technique, I had the best time I've had in a long time.
The vibe was very very so relaxing. It was a hotel, I a comfortable bed. And I think I had one of the best ones of my life honestly.

He is quite pricy, but after the session is completely understandable.

I am the Russian :)
6 Apr, 2019
Absolute 5 stars & a dream come true! It was my first time and I was nervous at first, but Giorgio was so friendly, he made me feel comfortable and at home. Giorgio communication through text was on point! Booking was an ease. His hotel room was beautiful and clean, loved the powerful shower! I have never tried a mediterranean massage and let me tell was absolutely sensational! Very synchronized and my whole body felt even and relaxed. This guy are very experienced in his technique. Thank you so much Giorgio! I can't stop thinking about how hot you were and how great my experience was! I will be back again!
3 Apr, 2019
I was in Adelaide working for a few weeks and was in need of a good massage to treat myself. I've been to many masseurs before and its very hard to find a masseur that doesn't look overwhelmed when I arrived at the door. Im a very tall thick set very muscular bloke that most masseurs can't even get their hands around my biceps. So I quite often get a massage that never seems done right or I ever find relaxing as they just never know how to approach my body to give me a relaxing experience. The Experience with this young Spaniard was different, very positive and relaxing experience, he worked with me to work out what I needed to feel totally relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session. He did a great job and would highly recommend the experience and cant wait to find him in somewhere else and rebook.
3 Apr, 2019
The positives: Giorgio is a nice unassuming young man. He has strong hands and technique was quite good. Good background music.

The negatives: Giorgio looked better in his pics. Massage was done on the bed in a hotel room. The ambience could be better. To be fair, the sub standard hotel room was not Giorgio’s fault.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
27 Mar, 2019
Here you have my honest review dear Giorgio, also for everyone that is hesitating about this wonderful person:

Very relaxing massage, pleasant location and clean, comfortable environment.
Came away very relaxed and feeling great. Great music, oils and will be back.

Love x
26 Mar, 2019
I have been a loyal Client to Giorgio since he started using another platforms and every massage has been a great experience. He is a very talented and professional masseur and knows just how to relax and unwind the tight muscles. Besides being a genuine person, he is very easy to talk to and I believe he will put anyone at ease with his personality and his dedication to his work. I often point out areas that could used some special attention (normally my legs or shoulders) and he’s very happy to work those areas a little more thoroughly.

Fresh towels are always used, music is playing, incense is burning. There is always an offer of a shower before and/or after the massage if I need it.

I always book a 90 minute session, and I’m never disappointed. Bookings are easily done by a simple SMS and he always responds quickly. His photographs are 100% genuine, and although he is a very good-looking guy, it’s his personality that really shines through. An all-round nice guy, and fantastic at his job.
19 Mar, 2019
I've had many massages all over the world and my experience with Jet yesterday was excellent I would say, one of the best ever. It's refreshing to find someone who looks like his pictures and meets their description online, or in this case exceeds it. He put me at ease immediately with his professionalism and charming personality. His place was spacious and relaxing. The massage was excellent.
17 Mar, 2019
15 Mar, 2019
I arrived with aching back, legs and arms. I went home feeling great and slept so well that night.
And not very often such highly skills masseur comes with amazing good look. I can highly recommend Giorgio, you won't be disappointed.
14 Mar, 2019
I always like to separate positive and negative things in a review.
Very charming, respectful and polite. Very clean guy and very honest. I really like the way he approached me as soon as we meet.

His massages are very addictive. I already booked for another session.

13 Mar, 2019
Giorgio massaged me two weeks ago, during my trip to Australia, his profile is very honest. But I have to say that he is even better in person, a very easy person to conect with, very funny and nothing serious. He made me laugh a lot a couple of times as I speak too much.
I absolutely recommend this guy, I definitely found my guy!
27 Feb, 2019
I was very impressed with the professional massage. Giorgio had amazing energy & very unique technique. He asked me if there was any particular places on my body needed attention.
After the massage. I felt so unblocked & energized, so I definitely recommend Giorgio, it is a shame you are not in my city.
Regards my friend.
16 Feb, 2019
I arranged to meet giorgio when he was visiting Canberra - his photos don't do him justice - he is a charming and worldly young man - he put me at ease immediately with an offer of a water & a quick shower before the massage - Giorgio provided an excellent, relaxing and sensual massage that wasn't rushed - 10 out of 10 - I will be visiting him again soon
31 Jan, 2019
Giorgio massaged me the last week in Adelaide, I was quite nervous receiving a foreign in my room, but since i opened the door and i saw that smile i knew that i was going to enjoy each minute.
Giorgio is a great masseur, and very proffesional, strangely mature for his age.
Thank you so much xx
See you soon in Melbourne :)
16 Jan, 2019
Great massage. Great guy, Friendly and attentive. Looking forward to my next massage!
13 Jan, 2019
I had a 90 minute massage with Giorgio and it was one of the best massages that I have had. The confirmation and communication were quick and efficient. Giorgio is a beautiful young man and he is very confident and charming. He checked in during the massage to make sure that everything was going well. Definitely worth and another booking.
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