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Massage With A Jock

A massage from this Australian Jock is discreet, professional and at times can be arousing. Plenty of water, minimal strain and a decent meal is prescribed following it.

My beach shack, or your humble abode are perfect locations for deep tissue, sports or sensual rub downs.

Skills have been refined with the help from one-on-one mentoring with a kinesiologost. You're in good hands.

Coastal Massage

Receive treatment from beach side shack, with massage table, clean linen, relaxing tunes and coconut oil.

- 60min: $150

- 90min: $200

-120min: $250

Mobile Massage & Sunday Rates

Set up the room the way you like it. Tunes, candles, incense, towels etc. I'll provide table, coconut oil and firm hands. *most popular option for couples.

- 60min: $200

- 90min: $250

-120min: $300

Please contact me via text to enquire or request a booking 



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