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The Spanish Masseur, male massage melbourne,

Spanish masseur with amazing hands offer the best relaxation massage  in town. 

I’m trained in therapeutic massage and I have a diploma in remedial massage and I developed a treatment that combine the right techniques, so I'm very confident you will find my popular man to man combo just what you are looking for. Private location. All ages welcome. 

Either you need respite from a challenging day or would like a more Intimate experience, the Spanish masseur will give you the best nurturing treatment in the city. 

This private home studio with shower facilities is conveniently located in the CBD and offers a peaceful, clean, quiet atmosphere creating an effortless transition into total relaxation. allowing you to surrender into the experience and embrace the healing energies.

Me and my masculine friend we also provide 4 hands massage. You will feel indulged and pampered.

Get the best massage delivered by two experienced certified handsome masseurs who offer a range of professional M2M male massage services.

The Spanish Masseur also provides therapeutic M2M male massages to different cities around Australia. Alejandro travels around the country frequently offering Men´s treatments directly to your home or to your 4 -5 stars hotel.

“I believe we all contain the innate capability to heal and I use an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body to unwind. Through compassionate and careful listening I addresses physical and energetic issues, gently ushering your body toward its own natural healing abilities. I strive to make each session on the massage table meaningful for your life that day, guiding your body toward peace, balance and relaxation”

Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sports & Remedial Massage.

30 mins = $70 / 60 mins = $100


Sensual massage

30 mins =$100 / 60 mins =$150

90 mins = $200

4 Hands Massage

60 mins : $300

90 mins : $400 


60 mins = $200


For more information about myself and the services I provide you can visit: 

Call me or text me for more information.


Spanish masseur


Weight: 70 kg
Height: 175 cm
Age: 38
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Eye Color
Hair Color
Body Hair
  • Starting From - $ 150
  • Starting From - $ 200
Notice! Certifictions Not Verified.
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14 Feb, 2019
I met Alex after a period of prolonged injury and illness, when I was feeling very out of shape and not at all sensual. I opted for a relaxition massage for these reasons and Alex was professional and respectful of this. His touch and general nature are gentle and soft and the massage itself was top notch, so for that alone he gets a ten out of ten from me, but his kindness and generosity of spirit were the really outstanding features. Really put me at ease. I can’t recommend more.
2 Oct, 2018
I have massages when I can. It’s one of my few indulgences and as I have to be careful with my spending I have to choose carefully. I chose Alex randomly as he seemed like a nice guy with good, respectful communication and I felt he understood me.
As I entered the room I immediately felt comfortable, both in the surroundings but mostly from the calm, comforting confidence he exudes.
He seemed to intuitively understand my body and mind and for the next hour gave me one of the most intense massages I’ve ever had. He is strong, yet gentle and so sensual.
I was slightly cautious as, for me, it was at the upper end of what I could afford . I very soon realised that it was worth every dollar.
There are few things more disappointing than a bad massage, once you have experienced a massage like this it’ll be hard to try something else.
I recommended a fairly shy and inexperienced friend to Alex and he too was overwhelmed.
Five stars from me.
28 Jul, 2018
Alex provides a sensual massage (for those seeking this option) that is absolutely beautiful. He uses all of his body and is so deeply passionate about his work, the experience is intense, intimate and all-encompassing, to the extent that the massage could be described as profound. You can feel his energy and authenticity and you can really feel that he's devoted to making sure your experience with him is memorable and leaves you spiritually energised.
7 Jun, 2018
I have nothing but praise for Alejandro. He is supremely generous with his technique, a great “listener,” and he has truly healing hands from which I have benefited more than I can say. He is also smart, quick-witted, highly intelligent, great company. He has the famously exquisite good manners of all Spaniards, and I cannot recommend him too highly or sincerely enough. Proud and glad to be able to say, publicly, gracias!
6 Jun, 2018
I've seen Alejandro many times and each time has been different, he is always learning new ways to improve the massage experience. His nature is very welcoming and the conversation has never felt pushed. Alejandro also is not someone that is a time watcher, he never makes me feel rushed or unwanted. Alejandro has always been accommodating with last minute appointments. Alex is friendly and a damn great masseur, if your looking for massage and one that you will keep going back to time and time again I highly recommended Alejandro!!!!!
Patrick 11
Patrick 11
3 Aug, 2017
I visited Alejandro last weekend on a cold and dark day in Canberra – I have experienced masseurs in Melbourne and Sydney but this was a sensual massage experience which was truly memorable in every way – this man is a true professional, and as soon as you meet him he ensures he makes a connection and you feel safe and warm and as though the experience is going to be pure bliss on every level, and that is his focus throughout the entire session. And of course, he is a beautiful man inside and out, and that just shines through and is conveyed through his healing hands and the experience. Thanks so much Alejandro, I shall see you on your next visit to Canberra.
1 Mar, 2017
Alejandro gives a great massage. His strokes are firm , but sensitive. He has a sensuality about his massage that only Europeans seem to have.,. He is very good looking and charming
Would definitely recommend him, and will visit when he comes to Sydney next time
21 Dec, 2016
Alejandro is a wonderful masseur, he is very welcoming and professional, his apartment has a lovely ambience to it as well. He also delivers what he promises... a very sensual massage experience! Absolutely recommended for a great time. Thx Alejandro :)
ten jack
ten jack
20 Dec, 2016
I estimate that I have experienced some 20-30 masseurs here in Melbourne and Alex is without doubt - one of the best. He has strong, amazing hands but it is the techniques that he uses to create a deep sense of relaxation that makes the overall experience so sublime.. His apartment is well set up, he has a new table and the bathroom is spotless. Honestly he has a great energy about him and is quite unique. You pay a little more but it is a world away from many massages in town and genuine value. I cannot rate Alex and his massage skills highly enough.
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