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Adelaide, SA
28-Jan-2018 → 30-Jan-2018

M2M Massage by a Ex Footy Player

In need of a strong & sensual full body massage with a twist? Like a 'real' footy bloke to do it with? A unique experience different to what other services you find on here. None of that scented candles, heated towels bull that you get from a pampering parlour, you are coming to a footy changeroom and this is a very manly, connected, oily, cheeky massage that is very focused on your performance. It will leave you with a satisfied smile... as if you did the right thing by your coach & trained really well :-))

I am an Ex Aussie rules footy player of 20 years. Masculine. friendly, easy going Aussie guy for your pleasure. I have a solid muscled footy build,100kgs of solid beef, meaty bubble butt, thunder thighs. You will certainly feel my strength just like you would in a footy change room before the big game. If you like footy shorts/gear, speedos, jockstraps, I love getting out of hand in them ;)

Pics are 100% genuine & recent. Open to most footy scenarios. eg. strong/sensual/tantric/coach massage in footy gear, coach/player role play, clipper/shave to tidy you best parts up!, Every footy scene combo is tailored to what you like. Yes, I work on a table with oils and clean towels & if you get cold I can throw another towel on ya or turn up the heat other ways :).

Specialising in straight, curious, bi, coupled, married guys but all are welcome. Nervous and unsure about being with another bloke - I specialise in first timers & I am experienced in taking you through that journey with another man having been through it myself!

I operated a very clean, safe, private environment & discretion's my priority! Coach keeps it in our team & its our little secret. Footy shower available. I will leave you wanting to be trained for more, you won't be disappointed.  

Affordable rates & tailored to your requirements so please ask. Minimum charge is 1 hour.

Available daily between 10am - 10pm daily (excluding Thursdays) unless pre-arranged outside these times. I do appreciate advanced notice for bookings as I rarely can accomodate spontaneous but certainly try my best to unlock the change room to meet you.

I am also happy to sell my used footy shorts, underwear, swimwear, sweaty, clean or soiled as you like...take them with ya...

Much like you, I am very discreet with my work, so a face pic is always required to make a booking. I provide the same in return.



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