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Tantric Masseur & BDSM Dominant Master

Sensual/Tantric massage and BDSM Master services for both men and women in Sydney. Do do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements. Feel free to visit www.jamesaddison.net for my Services and Rates and to read my past Reviews.

Discretion assured and advanced bookings only by appointment. I do not offer full service. 

Look forward to speaking with you in the near future!

– James Addison

Age: 32/ Height: 6’2 / 187 cm / Weight: 88 kg / Eye Colour: Light Brown / Hair Colour: Brown / Heritage: French/Spanish / Sign: Scorpio / Hometown: Sydney, Australia and London, UK

Forever practicing the art of intimacy, control, therapeutic deep tissue/remedial and sensual massage, tantra, bondage, discipline,  role play.

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