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My name is Martin.  I am certified  Massage Therapist with Australian College of Massage and I got a diploma in Hoffman Massage and Bowen Therapy with Australian School of Body Therapies. 

I offer full body deep relaxation massage.  The main target of my  massage style i s to relax your muscles and release tensions and see your body in a holistic way where all fascia trains are connected. I combine various techniques such as deep tissue, bowen therapy, energetic healing, reflexology and aromatherapy.  

With this sort of massage the focus isn't on isolated muscle work, but to give the body a chance to feel complete as a whole unit

60min  -  $100

90min  -  $140

120min  $160

There are NO ADDITIONAL  SERVICES offered !  ( unless you are Hugh Jackman ) 

Heated Table available for the cold days and SONOS available if you want to bring your own music. 

Please  send me a text message  if I don't answer the phone.  M: 0413 477 432

Usually available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm 


Private Shower and fresh towels are provided if you wish to shower before or after. 

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