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Hello and welcome  to my page!

Description of me: I am Steven. A nice, genuine, polite, caring, energetic, zest for life, happy, outgoing, gentle energy and affectionate ex country boy who has no judgement with anyone who comes in, you are who you are!!! 

I love  giving a great bodywork experience😃😃! I take pride in my work, whilst with clients and really enjoy this work.

No better way to try a male massage/experience than a massage in a safe and comfortable environment. Especially if you’ve been putting it off or petrified.

am a positive, genuine, vibrant and cheeky person. I welcome you all with open arms.  

I give quick, responsive, informative, articulate and friendly responses. Which does set me apart from other workers. 

Clients I massage: Whether you are gay, married, straight, bi, curious, tall/short, or wanting to try something different. I am YOUR person!! Important you ALLOW yourself to have the experience. Enjoy the time we spend together. No rush. Everyone needs human/physical interaction/connection. I have had every demographic and body type. I welcome you all. 

I like to offer something different and unique to others. Be sure to ask what I offer. I do not see you as just a client but a person coming to see me for a really unique, stylised and individual experience, that NO one else can offer.

My experience/expertise: I have been a masseur for 7 years. I also have a background in personal training (8 years) before moving into this work full time. I am very sporty, healthy and train 5-6 days a week. 

Nervous getting the best of you?! If it is your first time, see it as a fun new experience. Getting a massage by a guy. It's a fun and exciting experience. Using massage as a facilitation for touch, intimacy and sensuality  😜😜!!  Remember I am an easy going and very friendly country kid. Nothing to be afraid of. I've had clients who has taken 12 months to contact me but when they did they are now regulars. As you will see with my review/testimonials. 

My role: It’s important for me to make YOU feel welcome and know it can be strange/petrifying or even terrifying for your first time but I make sure you feel comfortable. Remember I'm a fun, warm and nice country lad, so nothing to be afraid of. We all need touch and I love being a facilitator for YOUR experience! I like to provide quality service, quality experience and quality time. 

Make a booking:: It's best to text me, instead of ringing but very happy to answer any questions you may have! I am flexible each day. Below are my weekly hours which might change week to week but generally are the same but I am flexible. 

Hours. My hours can change weekly but usually are the same. I am flexible in my work. This week's hours.

Monday: 11-8pm

Tuesday: 11-8pm

Wednesday: 10-8pm

Thursday: 10-3pm

Friday: 1-8pm 

Saturday: 1-5pm

Sunday: 11-6pm

Contacting me: 0432 179 749. Best to text but can call. 

Discounts the more you come!!!

Prices start! at $100 (student rates), cash only. 

***special rate for students and people 18-25. Must have valid ID!

Best to text me but call is fine 0432 179 749. I do not answer blocked numbers. I do use what’s app or Viber for discretion. As I’m discreet, friendly and confidential. Emailing on here isn't the best, as hard to arrange. 

Warm regards

Steven 0432 179 749. Look forward to servicing you! 

Weight: 67 kg
Height: 165 cm
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  • Starting From - $ 150
Notice! Certifictions Not Verified.
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  3. These are the masseurs testimonials that he has approved for publication.

26 Aug, 2019
Had an amazing massage from Steven. Everything he written on his profile was true. I also enjoyed the talk during the massage, helps calmed me down even more. Definitely will book him again.
Mark Freshwater
Mark Freshwater
6 Jul, 2019
Steven was respectful, competent and very sensual.
A pleasure to have him massage me, after a long flight from Perth.
17 Jun, 2019
Had a great massage from Steven. I was kinda nervous going in but he quickly made me feel very comfortable. He's a great looking guy and would definitely recommend him for a massage.
17 Jun, 2019
After the massage with Steven I felt incredibly relaxed and fulfilled. He took great care to attend to my needs and I felt a real connection with him. Steven has a great skill in understanding physical and emotional needs. What he is capable of giving in a massage feels extremely healing. I'll definitely be back!
27 Mar, 2019
I booked with Steven to treat myself after a busy few weeks at work, and was very pleased to unwind over a fun chat, while he worked on me. A considerate and intuitive approach. His warm smile and fuzzy/sculpted pecs were definitely an added bonus to a great first experience!
23 Feb, 2019
Gentle by nature with a welcoming smile. Steven certainly knows his stuff. A beautiful sensual massage that incorporated the perfect pressure and confident flow. Don't miss out!
12 Jan, 2019
recently had a massage and pleasantly surprised... Steven was very receptive to my wishes even if I didn't know they were my wishes. highly recommend and good to expect the unexpected!
30 Dec, 2018
+ Was on time and prepared
+ Was true to his pictures
+ Provided a calming massage
+ Was friendly and caring
Summary: Choose MASSEUR88 if your want a connection with your masseur and a better experience
17 Dec, 2018
I visited Steven for the first time after seeing his ad many times. I should have visited earlier. He has a very pleasant manner and his well looked after body looks even better in the flesh. His sensual massage was the perfect blend of sensuality as well as a firm pressure where the body needs it.
15 Dec, 2018
I visited Steven yesterday - and have to report a very enjoyable massage experience - he is a very handsome young man and made me feel welcome from the start. His communications were honest and timely, in person he is charming and caring and my visit was the highlight of a great trip to Sydney. Thank you Steven.
5 Aug, 2018
Believe Stephen's summary. It's all true. I went for a first time to Stephen and at some stages I wondered if my friends had contacted Stephen and told him exactly what I needed. As this hadn't happened, I must say Stephen's intuition is spot-on. The reviews Stephen has are all true and l left feeling like I had found a professional and a friend.
23 Jul, 2018
Had a wonderful first time experience with this gorgeous man. Made me feel incredibly safe and relaxed. He was very attentive and has an incredible intention in his touch. Would absolutely recommend Steven to anyone! Thanks Steven!
11 Jul, 2018
Steven is professional, empathetic and naturally intune with your individual massage needs. I was a little nervous initially but he was absolutely delightful, very patient, cheeky and a pleasure to be worked on by. Highly recommended and will be back. He offers a great range of services and knows his craft.
7 Jun, 2018
I have been back to see Stephen a few times and have always thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He is a genuine kind, gentle, warm and friendly guy who knows how to put you at ease and relax. He has a really good sensual massage technique that makes you feel great and wanting more. He always makes me feel at ease and very special. He is attentive and very caring, and knows which areas to focus on to make me totally relaxed and in a special place like nirvana lol. As well as all that he is a really nice caring sexy guy - lots of talent and very client focused. I'll be back again,
and again.... thanks Stephen ;-)
6 Jun, 2018
Highly recommend, warm and cheeky, unstressed and relaxed, I felt revived and slept like a baby afterwards.
22 May, 2018
Booked a sensational massage with Steven while he was in Melb, great guy with great touch, clean and warm apartment. His photos are 100% the real deal. Do yourself a favour go to Steven for a massage.
27 Apr, 2018
Some great targeted pressure point massage (which I really need) with a strong sensual flair.

I came away feeling very relaxed, unwound, and fully restored. Looking forward to my next visit!
15 Mar, 2018
He is really friendly, I called him after reading several reviews and I must say they all are true. Caring, cheeky, nice and very sexy.
Best company in Sydney.
Hope to meet him again.
3 Mar, 2018
When you go for a massage the first time you never really know how it’s going to be. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him yesterday - he’s very handsome with a nice body and great attitude - I floated out feeling well and truly relaxed. Do yourself a favour - you’ll be pleasantly surprised
24 Oct, 2017
I have been back to see Stephen several times and have always thoroughly enjoyed the experience. His gentle, warm and friendly touch complement a really good massage technique. He always makes me feel at ease and very special. He is attentive and caring, and intuitively knows which areas to focus on.
14 Sep, 2017
Recently had a massage with Steven. I was very pleasantly surprised with Steven's technique which was gentle however firm when required. Steven is personable and very friendly. I would recommend Steven.
Massage Addict
Massage Addict
21 May, 2017
Took a chance after reading the profile and booked a 1hr sensual massage. This is the real deal. Steven really knows how to make you feel like you're the only one left in the world. His touch was soft and tender, took full control and I was putty in his hands. What a way to end a hectic week at work. He really enjoys the physical touch and knows how to relax you and relieve tension. I highly recommend him.
2 Mar, 2017
I organised a massage with Steven last week and it was the best massage that I have had in a long time. Steven was friendly, considerate and welcoming. His massage was soft and soothing and hard when it was necessary. I came away from the massage feeling relaxed and invigorated. I would recommend him to anyone who is wanting a caring and enjoyable massage. While I live interstate from him, I will be coming back to see him very soon.
26 Dec, 2016
I've had a few appointments with Steven and have never been disappointed. He always knows which areas need attention and uses the right pressure. He's friendly and easy to communication with and to make a booking. Definitely can't wait to make another appointment with him.
27 Nov, 2016
Very nice guy, great service, good looking man.
Very caring. I have been back for several times. Highly recommended.
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