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Luxurious Awesome Male Massage

Amazing massage with relaxing slow colour changing massage room, Immaculate Private bathroom and shower and complete privacy.

Choose easily how and where and how you want to be massaged with my touch screen forms.

Dress down to whatever your comfortable with most. (I'll be wearing shorts.) 

Touch screen music selection; Easily choose the music YOU love during your massage; or bring your own and link it via bluetooth to the Bose surround sound. 

Optional: Hot stones / Hot Steam towels / Heated & Cooling massage table and quiet Air-conditioning. 

I'm Fully qualified for over the past decade. Rebates are available. 

A Full Pricelist is on my website 

Starting at $25 and $10 discounts everytime for booking a few days ahead. Ranging from 15 mins to 2 hours.

TEXT 0409 885 053 for faster response. Or email via my website.

(website link at the bottom of this page)

Normally massaging and can respond via text when quietly waiting for them between massages.

I rarely get to take phone calls or get to time to check my voicemail right away. Please text instead. 

I will always respect your privacy and your details will only stay with me. 

I will be unable to do anonymous massages especially working from my home. 

If you trust me, I will fully trust you. The massages will be much better this way.

To be blunt this is NOT a sex service, If you want massage with sex; this is NOT the place to wave your money at. The optional sensual RED massage experience is for your muscles. It is a brilliant way to relax the body and to create connection during your massage. 

Massage Styles:

Choose how you like to be massaged; shortcut colour coded!

❇️Green: A Remedial massage, digital photographic posture assessment & I will talk you through the session step by step.

Yellow: A Remedial / posture corrective massage with some talking and a sensual touch, plus optional digital posture photos.

🌹Red: An intensely intimate sensual massage in a completely peaceful setting; allowing your nervous system to calm down and deeply relax.

🌺Magenta: A refreshing sensual massage with all non verbal communication; plus getting all your sore trigger points removed along the way.

🔷Blue: A straight forward trigger point massage in a quiet setting. Doing only the points that are needed which will have you a bit more alert by the end of the massage

💠Cyan: A Remedial massage for people who have had remedial massage before so there is less talking/guidance plus optional photographic posture assessment. 

🌪White: A mix of all of the above. For those who are not sure or like the sound of everything. 

Contact me if you would love a quality amazing massage and you are more comfortable being massaged by a guy. I will do everything I can to make your experience the absolute best.

Visit my website for more details

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